CCP reiterates its medical marijuana stance Not related to politics, begs to be proud of Thailand, looking at long-term national interests

The head of the Democratic Party repeats the stance on medical marijuana not related to politics

At 09.15 am on September 16 in the National Assembly, Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade As the leader of the Democratic Party (PDP) spoke about the case that that party was looked at The Democratic Party and the Thai Party Bhumjai (Plaid Thai Phujai) have a problem with the issue that the Party Democratic proposes to withdraw Marijuana, Hemp, BE Council on September 14 he would like to reiterate that this is not a political issue. But it is a concern that we are concerned about for the future of the country’s youth. educational institution Including other aspects where the PPP supports the use of marijuana for medical purposes But I disagree with liberal marijuana. We sit and see if it matches the direction of free marijuana. We must express our opinion and express ourselves to reflect that. At least there are political parties that care about the future of the country. And he believes there are many other parties who are concerned about this issue as well.

When asked about the case of Mr. Supachai Jaisamut, MP on the party list, as chairman of the committee (CAT) Extraordinary to Consider the Cannabis Act, Cannabis Act, BE Declaring marijuana as a drug again It will make prisons for people not enough. Mr Jurin said let us look at mainly the long-term overview of the country As for the immediate problems, there is something to be solved according to the situation. But he must not allow marijuana to affect the country in the long term. not intending to make it a political issue Furthermore, this is a matter of political party law, not government law. In fact, many laws proposed by the Democratic Party have not been passed, for example, only one of the seven proposed constitutional amendments has been passed. that we didn’t blame other political parties for not raising their hands Are you going to kick and amputate your leg or what are you going to do? because we respect the council’s voice

When asked about the PA Party’s case, he said if there is no such law to control them Mr Jurin said they could look at different angles. But on behalf of the party The CCP sees it as a solution to the problem of harming people. The draft law When will it be included on the agenda of the meeting? he could not answer because it depends on the committee. to be amended to reach the goal of becoming legal cannabis for medical purposes not free marijuana This is the goal of the Democratic Party. In the meantime, it asks the Ministry of Public Health to consider what regulations will be issued to regulate the use of marijuana for the purpose of using medical marijuana, not breaking into free marijuana.

When asked about the case of competing for areas in the southern region of the PPP and the Democratic Party, Mr Jurin said that the competition in elections is another matter. The election hasn’t arrived yet. But at that time, we did not compete with just 2 parties because we had to compete with all political parties. which sends people to vote in complex areas

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