CCP wins election ‘Chumphon-Songkhla’ ‘Jurin’ thanked all the votes.

Democratic Party won the election to repair Chumphon-Songkhla ‘Isarapong’ swept 48,981 points while ‘Supaporn’ got 45,576 points on ‘Jurin’ thanks for all the votes. Confirm that they will work hard to the best of their ability.

Reporters reported unofficial results of vote counting in the election of MPs in Songkhla District 6 and MPs in Chumphon District 1 from the Election Commission. It appears that in District 1, Chumphon, there are 280 polling stations. Isarapong Makampai, Democrat Party No. 1, brought to the 1st place with 48,981 votes While Chawalit Atharn, Pracharat Party No. 4, got 31,866 votes, Pol Col. Tossapon Chotikut, Kla Party got 7,591 votes.

As for District 6, Songkhla, unofficial results Supaporn Kudmapol, Democrat Party No. 1, took first place with 45,576 votes. while Anukul Pruksanusak Phalang Pracharat Party got 40,531 points, Thiwat Damkaew and Kao Klai Party got 5,427 points.

‘Jurin’ insists on working hard to the best of his ability

On Jurin Laksanawisit, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce as the leader of the Democratic Party posted a message on Facebook stating that Thank you for all the votes that people of Chumphon District 1 and Songkhla District 6 people gave to ‘Isarapong Makampai’ and ‘Supaporn Kamendaphol’, the Democrat Party. as well as thank you for all the encouragement received from the supporters that poured in from many areas across the country. with great gratitude

“As party leader I assure you that the party will concentrate, dedicate and work hard for the people of Chumphon, Songkhla people, Southern brothers and sisters and Thai brothers and sisters across the country with ideology. until the end of his ability worthy of being trusted.”

‘Sathit’ thanks for returning justice to ‘Chumphon’

Sathit Wongnongtoey, member of the Trang Democratic Party As the Director of Election Repair The Democrat Party said that the election was fixed in time. It is considered a historical time in Chumphon province. that is with concentration have full use of state power All kinds of intimidating influences were used.

However, thanks to the people who restored justice to Chumphon Chumphon, a former MP for Chumphon District 1, it was proven that the Chumphon people had restored justice. and welcomed Isarapong, a new generation

Sathit said that the corrupt state power Influences that intimidate people Not being able to defeat the people is a teaching of authority, not what to do.

The police concluded that the election was repaired, found 9 cases

Police Lieutenant Colonel Damrongsak Kittipraphat Deputy Commissioner of the National Police revealed that he was assigned by Pol Gen Suwat Chaengyodsuk, Commissioner of the National Police, together with Lt. Gen. Sarawut Kanpanich, Assistant Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police Follow the situation of the elections to fix MPs in 2 districts in the south, namely District 6 in Songkhla Province and District 1 in Chumphon Province.

Preliminary practice reports were made between 11 Jan.22 and the present (16 Jan.22), summarizing the electoral events. There were 9 election-related incidents, divided into 8 provinces in Chumphon, namely 5 cases of taking pictures of ballot papers, 2 cases of destroying campaign signs (1 case of arrest, 1 case being investigated), 1 case of shooting a candidate campaign car. (Arrested)

In the area of ​​Songkhla province, there is one cause, one complaint about the campaign (in the process of being inspected by the Central Election Commission), in summary, the results of the operation of the police across the country were in order.

Police Lieutenant General Damrongsak It was also revealed that the police chief thanked all the police officers for their dedication to performing their duties in order to make the elections go smoothly. Emphasize that the unit will complete the election results in the system and monitor the situation and violence that may occur after the election is complete




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