CD Projekt Red Veterans Find New Game Studio To Work On Character-Driven Games Set In The Apocalypse –

Poland has become a global hub for game development and is home to many major studios including CD Projekt Red, 11 Bit Studios, Division 48 and many more. With such a wide range of talent coming from the country, a group of developers from these well-known studios are coming together to create a new development studio working on a character-driven game set in an apocalyptic world that promises to bring some torture.

The studio, called Blank, was founded by Mateusz Kanik, Jędrzej Mróz, Marcin Jefimow, and Mikołaj Marchewka, each named and serving as game director, executive producer, and managing director, respectively.

Blank also enlisted Michal Dobrowolski, Artur Ganszyniec and Grzegorz Przybyś to serve as the studio’s Design Director, Narrative Director and Art Director respectively, with all of the trio and founding members appearing on CD Projekt Red, 11 Bit, Division 48, Rookiez work experience, etc.

“After years of working in an increasingly conservative industry, we were ready to create bold, impactful projects that shared our unique creativity and values,” said Carnick. “Where the industry supports the dictatorship of the creative individual, we want to give ownership to the team. Where the industry relies on a culture of working overtime, we prefer a work-life balance. Where the industry believes bigger is better, we set our sights on highly refined gameplay with a strong focus on emotion, story and craft.

Currently, Blank employs a total of 10 team members, but is expanding to 60 to support the development of unannounced projects that we are currently in the dark about, except for the brief information we mentioned earlier. We have at least one concept art image of the game, which you can see below.


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