CDPR CEO, “Cyberpunk 2077 is the top priority, I will try to restore trust”

CD Project Red (hereinafter referred to as CDPR) The direction of future improvement was revealed through the official website. The title of this presentation is also a whopping’We Promise’.

The company started with the title of’Cyberpunk 2077-Our Promise of Quality’. CDPR said, “We will try to fix and improve game crashes and bugs with future updates. Through this, we will make the game enjoyable on any platform.”

In a situation where negative public opinion is overwhelmingly dominant, it is noteworthy how effectively the company’s measures will work. There is also a movement of class action lawsuits from investors in recent years, and it has been supervised by the Polish Competition and Consumer Protection Office (UOKiK) to resolve subsequent patches and bugs.

This announcement contains a number of information such as the future development process of the game, guidance on updates and improvements, and free DLC. Also, recognizing the materiality of the issue, CDPR’s co-founder and CEO Marchin Ibinsky explained.

CD Project Marcin Ibinsky Co-Founder and CEO

# “I sincerely apologize to the users who believed in the company… I will do my best to restore trust”

When Marchin Ibinsky founded the company 25 years ago, one of the main goals was’direct communication with gamers and honesty’. After that, the goal of’making the world’s best game’ was added as the development department established CDPR. “This is our goal and driving force so far,” said Marchin Ibinsky, “and thanks to this, many gamers trust us and buy the game.”

He said, “The PC version received good reviews, but the console version did not meet the desired quality,” he said. “All executives sincerely apologize for this. The video was produced to publicly acknowledge this.”

Along with this, Marchin Ibinsky asked the team not to hold responsibility for the incident. He said, “Everyone is a great talent and worked hard. The final decision maker is me and the management team, and we decided to launch it,” he said. “But this is by no means intended.

# Cyberpunk 2077, what was the internal situation?

Subsequently, Marchin Ibinsky shared the internal situation in which things are now taking place.

Is an enormous game with tons of custom objects, interaction systems and mechanisms. Each element was deployed in a single metropolitan environment with relatively no loading, rather than being widely deployed in a flat area with less hardware burden. Marcin Ibinsky said this is a big challenge.

CDPR took the difficult way to create a great city on the PC and adapt it to consoles and older generations. This was the initial plan, and at first it seemed like nothing to do with it. Because I knew the hardware difference. But Marchin IbinskyI blamed myself for thinking about this process too easily as time passed.

One of the main reasons was that older consoles had to keep improving the streaming system. Streaming serves to provide the engine with the content and game mechanics displayed on the screen. However, due to the high urban density and low bandwidth of the old-generation console disks, smooth streaming continued to hold back.

Of course, we tested this along with corrections and improvements, but when we tested it, there were no problems that gamers have in the game recently. As the release date approached, the game improved significantly every day, and CDPR believed that the Day Zero (0) update could solve all the problems.

Marchin Ibinsky also added a story about the review process.

CDPR delivered PC review keys to reviewers in the first week of December. On the 10th of December, the release date, the PC started off with pretty good results. Of course it wasn’t perfect, but the company said it was sincerely proud. At the same time, he said he has worked to improve the quality of the old-generation consoles until the last minute. The company worked on day zero updates every day and saw the game improve. So, on the 8th, I delivered the console review key. This is later than the original plan.

Marchin Ibinsky said all of this happened while working from home. He said there were many difficulties in work due to Corona 19. Originally, it was obvious that I missed it because I was conducting video calls or e-mails, and this also affected the development process.

# Prioritize fixing and normalizing problems on all platforms

Marchin Ibinsky explains the process so far, and the actions of the game in the future. Regardless of the platform, he said the goal is to perfectly normalize the game.

He said he has launched several hotfixes to improve the game, but that’s just the beginning. The end goal is to fix the bugs and crashes that gamers experience across all platforms, he said, with regular large and small patches going forward.

The company announced that it is going to make the first update within 10 days, and that it is going to make a slightly larger update within a few weeks. Marchin Ibinsky said, “We will not only do this, we will try to improve the game. “The grand plan to support them for a long time has not changed.”

The free DLC will be delayed a bit due to improvements. Marchin Ibinsky said, “We originally tried to release it right after the release, but now we are focusing on improvements and updates, and the DLC will be released later. We will provide more information in the coming months.”

Gamers who enjoy backwards compatibility on next-generation consoles will be able to get the update for free during 2021. This update is aimed at the second half of the year.

Finally, Marchin Ibinsky said, “We take this very seriously. We are constantly working hard to correct the problem.”

“The company’s founding philosophy is still our driving force. We still want to create amazing games and have open communication,” he said. “Our top priority now is to take measures so that games can be enjoyed regardless of platform.”


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