Cecilia Cheung’s latest photo shoot is revealed, and the shape of ALL PINK writes a sense of autumn atmosphere_Live_Pink_Platform

Original title: Cecilia Cheung’s latest photo smash exposure, ALL PINK style to write the autumn atmosphere

Today, Cecilia Cheung released a new set of beautiful photos, wearing a VALENTINO pink suit, pink sequined one-shoulder sweater with fashionable long curly hair, simple and exquisite, but also full of lazy beauty. Cecilia Cheung herself also ridiculed herself on social platforms and wore dragon fruit on her body. Even such a color that is difficult to control, it does not break the harmony on Cecilia Cheung. It is reflected in casual elegance, and the autumn atmosphere is full.

It is worth noting that Cecilia Cheung also started the first live broadcast in 2022 on Douyin today. In this live broadcast, Cecilia Cheung wears a DIOR pink patterned shirt, with long hair up, sassy and capable and gentle temperament coexist.

Previously, Cecilia Cheung’s live broadcast caused the Douyin stage to collapse and broke the record of live broadcasts by female artists. This live broadcast also rushed to the first place on the distribution list in a short period of time, and its popularity was overwhelming.

From actor to live broadcaster, Cecilia Cheung bravely challenged new areas across borders. In film and television dramas, Cecilia Cheung showed his professionalism as an actor; in the live broadcast room, Cecilia Cheung also showed the public his professional ability as a star anchor without any concealment. I also look forward to her subsequent live broadcasts to bring more valuable benefits to the public.Return to Sohu, see more


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