“Ceiling head ‘thump’ when waking up”… An American woman who lives in an apartment with a monthly rent of 900,000 won

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The interior of a 2.2 pyeong apartment in Midtown Manhattan, New York, which is notoriously expensive, has been unveiled and is attracting attention.

Caleb Simpson’s YouTube channel recently uploaded a video of a tour of New York’s smallest apartment, which is only the size of a parking space.

When a woman named Alina Landa Jo, who lives in this flat, opened the door, she felt that the room was already full.

That means it’s small.

In front of the front door was a gas stove, a sink, and a television.

Opposite the TV is a sofa that can be used as a bed.

Channel operator Simpson said he could reach out and wash his hands in the sink if he wanted to.

He also performed push-ups on the floor through confined spaces.

This 7.4㎡ two-story apartment had a ladder leading to the bed next to the sofa, and the bottom was used as a wardrobe. Joe said the ceiling above the bed was so low that he hit his head every time he got up.

The space is so small that there are no toilets and showers.

“The toilet and shower are shared,” says Jo.

He added, “The monthly rent for this apartment is $650 (900,000 won), so I found this apartment when I was trying to get back to LA and move in.” However, he said there are no plans to renew the lease once the lease is over.

Netizens who saw this video showed various reactions, such as “The price of 2.2 pyeong is 900,000 won per month, is it cheap?” “I don’t think there’s any reason to live in Manhattan like that.”

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