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Celebrities flocked to the clubhouse, was it really good or just silly?

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At 6-10, it’s not common.

This group is very interesting. Let’s start with the veteran director Tom Yuthlertkao, not a problem. Are rushing to make a new movie 1410 more diligent than expected, setting up a chat room about politics almost every day. To exchange creativity in a clear way And likes to go around with other rooms until the peak spikes all the way, Pa Tet Yuttana, the godfather, is very big, Big Mountain Music Festival, a lot of fan base. Therefore, it is not strange that people press to follow many famous MC Woody Wuttithon, another person Play all social Playing at the clubhouse is also very high, followed by the famous boy Pakorn, handsome, smart, talkative, top-notch. I don’t understand anything about the man. Can ask. Fans are scrambling to ask a lot. Only hearing the sound is already broken.

128K Ted Yuttana Bunom tedyuthana

119K Woody Wuttithon Milintachinda woodytalk

91.9K Boy Pakorn Chatborirak boy_pakorn

73K Nonnongkul Chanon Santinatharakun passerbye


When is the clubhouse bustling?

After 6:00 p.m., the clubhouse rooms start a lot. Many people quit work There is a time to enjoy it. After 8pm, the Mount Clubhouse room will increase. Until midnight, not going to sleep. Because there are many rooms, it still collapses with the young Kanchai Kernchai, Ployplernmao and his friends, the stars, who have spoken seriously. Through midnight has arrived!

Queen’s Club House

Not to mention not to mention. Queen Clubhouse Queen Club Clubhouse pavin_kyoto Topfall hit 314K Ajarn Pawin Chatchawanpongphan A real eloquent scholar from Kyoto University, Japan, the ignition was very strong. Giving clubhouse a wide interest in Thailand Where does the clubhouse enter? Fans flock to listen to each other !!! Used to set the time in advance to open the room at 6:00 pm with the issue of Thai society questions That many people do not dare to say The fans are looking forward to it. Press into the room very quickly. Amazing amazing, less than 3 seconds, the room is full !!! More than pressing for Korean concert tickets Until there was a fan club building a room for the sound of Pawin More than 5 rooms come up, 8,000 people per room. For those who missed out from the main room, it is still full !!!

Check sure and follow.

Will follow the celebrities, celebrities, be careful, have to check sure. That is the real one, not mind You don’t have to be tired, check it out. Thairath online entertainment to chase, check sure it has arrived. Including many branches. Love who likes who, please press and follow. Who went to explore? I have to apologize strongly because if you chase all typing Would probably have broken fingers

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– unpuwanart Aun Phuwanat Kunphon, many people like that are not indifferent to various stories.

– boompanadda, dent Panadda Wong, good lady, beauty queen, mother, president of the organization, do good things, Goodness Foundation

– aokbab designed Chutimont so prosperous Billion movie heroine

– cusfocus, focus, Jirakun, direct hit on the country, really gets the public heart

– tukky66 Tookki Sudarat Sonprom, rich humor, funny, hundred million girls

– lydiasarunrat Lydiasarunrat Dean, Young mother

– aum_atichart Aum Athichart Chumnananont, the male protagonist, tight and handsome, does not quit.

– mariapoon Maria Poonlertlarp, ​​beautiful, deadly, Miss Democracy

– ammybottomblues Emmy The Bottom Blue Chai Amon Kaewvibunphan Democratic singer

– famechawin Phem Chawinroj Likitcharoensakul A lot of teenage stars are more handsome and winking. This year is very promising.

– tataamitayoung Tata also opened a clubhouse to tell her life. Sad times, the loss of parents

– russameelookmee Lookmee Rusamee Thong Siripraisri Super model model

– Samethong Uan Returns Sema Thong, a big model, great skill!

– pikchaan, Pikchan, Smartthaweesub, Soup ‘Star Manager

– tonophakhin

– korysecret Ko Teerasak Phanthajariya, a big celebrity emcee

– kaivarayuth Kai Warayut Milintachinda, veteran theater organizer

– mixxiw Mix Union Wongrat, the rising star is likely from the series Y, Tales of Phan Dao.

– jukkuk.sami Mimi Tao Phachara Natthano Alleviates Thailand’s first transgender model Who is the United Nations Ambassador, UN (United Nations), United Nations Become an Ambassador for the #TogetherBand project Reduced inequality in society

– petchkaroonpon Petchkaroonpon Tiansuwan, another Democratic star That many people are very grateful

– fookkub Fluke The Star The Star Phacharathammon, who has been interested in politics for a long time.

– patchadotnet Phatcha Anek Ayuwat Beautiful voice singer

– jjetrin J Jetrin Wattanasin has three handsome children, so the girls like it hard.

– johnwinyu John Winyoo Wongsurawat fad! Many people fall in love with the straight talk.

– asupachai Supachai Srivijit, a famous sculptor of a hundred million stars, real mouthful

– waiiwaii.p Wai, Singer Jaritpungpunnarisa Thienprasit

– jirayu Kao Jirayu La Ongmanee, handsome, really cool.

– domepakornlam Dome Pakorn Lam is good at all aspects of social media.

– rockkwanlada, more beautiful every day, rock kwanlada rungroj, ampa Miss Tiffany 2020

– hanahugo Hana Chakrapong, the real big business man, wife of Hugo Chulakak Chakrapong,

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– punika_polfah Pornfa Punika Kulsunthornrat Vice Miss Universe Thailand Miss Universe Thailand 2020

– amandaobdam, Amanda Chalisa Obdam, Miss Universe Thailand, Miss Universe Thailand 2020

Nonsense-Nonsense from the clubhouse

Madness for the stars It is difficult to describe it all. Even though I didn’t meet myself as I just heard a voice to talk to Was blissful and celebrities came to speak through the clubhouse There are both rich and intense material in a variety of issues worth knowing. Can be jerked to many more thoughts Or to act as a good listener, perhaps to rest nonsense, focus on hilarious, leaky, does not violate the rules at all

COVID Outbreaks, Difficult Travel But fans from all over the world Talk to your favorite stars through the clubhouse such as aokbab, designer Chutimont, the billionaire heroine. Come and join the clubhouse. The movie fans were extremely happy. The Tokyo, Japan address also came to talk with or boompanadda dent Panadda who opened a clubhouse for more than 3 hours to let people suffer from draining. Dent suggested to encourage. Help find a way out As far as I can help As for the manager, Dunk, Chanaschai analyzed the great Chinese entertainment through the clubhouse. And update celebrities under the Army of the Peak who went to compete Asia Super Young, Asia Super Young in China

Make a donation to merit Through the clubhouse

What? This room is not free. Open a new dimension of merit at the clubhouse. Anyone who presses into play in this room Moderator room controller will lull you to add Line. And it will bounce into a QR code, a QR code of the Thai Red Cross Society Then you definitely check that yes! Will not press transfer or will transfer money together According to faith, a famous host, one of the big stars, willing to transfer 2,000 baht to the room supervisor Will give blessings In front of the donor, full of the room The concept is okay

The party of stars is hot!

This group is interesting, inviting listeners to think about as well, with many celebrities to share. The main interesting idea would be to include a group of celebrities with collective consciousness that came out to Call Out because of the large number of people. Ready to support already. Explain how long it will be a long time. Want to know, just wait to click. Can share ideas with each other The clubhouse room is closed each day. But the substance continues to flow strongly So strong that it is trending on Twitter as well.

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Entertainment – politics is hot at the clubhouse

Another highlight of the clubhouse That is, the sound cannot be recorded Therefore making people dare to speak and express their opinions quite fully The politics of everyone really. Including many celebrities That turned more and more attention With politics Because if politics is good Our quality of life will improve as well. Therefore, the free expression of opinions in politics It is also a fundamental right in democracy. The clubhouse on entertainment. There isn’t much yet. But no longer have to guess There will be more and more for sure!

Dara will make a statement through the clubhouse.

Not yet, yet, there are no celebrities yet. Dare to come to give a press conference over there at the clubhouse, if choosing to make a statement on the clubhouse Should have to think hard, because if there is a time to open questions for journalists Or listeners answered But if the answer does not exactly the shot, Mike does not clear Maybe even more drama But in the future, I am not sure. What time has changed Change as well There may be a serious press conference through the clubhouse.

Ignore the clubhouse

Different people think Because people do not think all the same. Still not playing clubhouse such as Pancake Khemnit Jamikorn, Mai Charoenpura, Jananomyiram, Nat Aniporn Chalermburanawong, Chalita Sugar Section Sane, Nawat Isara Kraisil, etc. I don’t care to play the clubhouse as well, but in the future, I might change my mind to play Or many celebrities saw a strong current So, let’s try and leave the clubhouse open. But still never built a serious room at all Or another part of the star Thought that he did not see what he said Where to get the money, it’s true, it’s a waste of time. Or maybe too busy There’s no time left to hang out at the clubhouse, whatever the reason.

Future Club House Still strong or waiting to extinguish

Must see for a long time The clubhouse team. How will it continue to develop to be more resilient? Based on the trend. Should be bright for a long time Because more and more people are playing at an alarming rate, but not sure, many of the popular apps have come quickly. The clubhouse section How big will you grow? It takes time to prove.

Author: Roongroj Ruangrong

Graphics: Phantira Thongcherd


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