“Celebrities” take their hands in a very scary makeover to welcome “Halloween”

in the next few hours there will be stepping in. The last day of October 31st or Halloween Day is an international festival that people all over the world celebrate on the day of releasing the ghosts of both in the form of a costume which transforms into a spirit, ghost or demon, incl character of famous stories and decorated with haunted house decorations and important places, carving pumpkins and watching ghost movies and horror movies are considered things not to be missed today. Kom Chad Luek Entertainment brings you to open the picture entertainers both actor In Thailand that has transformed into evil spirits

start on “De Chantwitch” star couple a “New Davika” dressed as if he came straight out of a movie “Death Becomes Her” Similar to the real version with a caption “Death becomes His, Davi becomes Two.” or to be another star couple “See Wannarot” and love “Jes Jetpipet” pick up characters White queen a Mad hatter of the story Alice in Wonderland Let’s take a picture together

"See Wannarot" and love "Jet Jetpipe"

in addition partner From the new play, unpack the box. “Kaew Root” in “Chris Horwang” a “Kao Suphatsara” holding hands in a state of blood transforming the bath into a killing room

"Chris Horwang" a "Kao Suphatsara"

Couples gone by, or will they come alone? “Panpan Sutatta” which comes in a black and white dress Inspired by the Queen In the style of cards with two sides or on the young star “Noraphat bright” black feather wings Looking at it from another angle, it’s like Lucifer. fallen angel Come to someone else, young singer. “Wonder Frame” Enter the beautiful mommy look.

 "Panpan Sutatta"

"Noraphat bright"

"A Wonder Frame"

A beautiful and handsome model has passed. The scariest young actress likes her “Play Cherman” Let’s go unconventional, easy to decorate by bringing rat hair to cover the head along with “Praewa Nichapat” a “DJV” However, tomorrow is considered the real Halloween. Will Thai actors and actresses transform to welcome the day of the ghosts again? will definitely continue to follow

"Ploy Cherman"  "Praewa Nichapat" a "DJ V"

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