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Celltrion confirms effectiveness of COVID-19 antibody treatment against South African mutation

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Celltrion announced on the 18th that it has confirmed the efficacy of the COVID-19 antibody treatment Lekkorona (CT-P59) in animal efficacy tests against the South African mutant virus.

Celltrion said that the administration of lekkona to 50 laboratory mice infected with Corona 19 showed clinical improvement effects such as a significant decrease in virus titer and reduced weight loss in the treated group compared to the control group.

In particular, the efficacy was proven even at a dose lower than the clinical dose in the previous test on ferret, demonstrating its high neutralizing ability. In addition, the survival rate of the group administered with Rekkona was 100%, whereas the survival rate of the control group was only 50%.

Previously, Celltrion announced in April that there was no particular difference in virus neutralizing ability compared to the wild-type virus in an animal efficacy test on ferrets for the South African mutant virus of Reckrona, an antibody treatment for COVID-19. The results were also published in the American biochemical biophysics research journal ‘BBRC’.

Celltrion is also conducting animal efficacy tests for mutations in India (Delta) and Brazil (Gamma), and the results are expected to be announced as early as next month.

A Celltrion official said, “Following the recent announcement of the successful global large-scale phase 3 clinical trial results of Lekkona, we have proven that it can respond to South African (beta) mutations through animal efficacy tests.” If positive results are obtained in animal efficacy tests for (Delta) and Brazil (Gamma) mutant viruses, we expect that it will be helpful in product export negotiations and overseas licenses,” he said.

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