Celltrion invests 53 billion won in UK Iksuda… “Securing ADC New Drug Pipeline”

Investing in antibody-based high-value ADC technology… Synergy expected with existing antibody therapeutics


Celltrion, together with Mirae Asset Group, invested 47 million dollars (about 53 billion won) in Iksuda Therapeutics, a British antibody drug conjugate (ADC) developer, to invest in an ADC new drug. It was announced on the 7th that it would start securing pipelines.


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Half of the investment has been executed, and the rest of the investment will be invested immediately if certain steps are met.

While Celltrion was looking for a business model that could generate revenue and value, it decided to invest in Iksuda, which specializes in ADCs, which can create high added value on its own based on antibodies and create synergy with Celltrion’s existing antibody therapeutics, is the most suitable company. explained that it was decided.

ADC technology can take advantage of its potent cytotoxic effects while reducing systemic toxicity. In addition, it has the advantage of exhibiting anticancer effects by selectively delivering drugs to cancer tissues by utilizing the cancer antigen recognition ability of the antibody, so that the maximum effect can be achieved even with a minimum dose.

Iksuda leads the ‘IKS03 (Anti-CD19 ADC)’ that targets CD19 and is indicated for the treatment of B-cell lymphoma. ) platform’.

Celltrion already has anticancer drugs such as Truxima, a treatment for blood cancer, and Herzuma, a treatment for breast and stomach cancer. This investment is expected to enable the development of more diverse anticancer drugs if ADC technology is added. In the future, the company plans to develop new drug substances through the development of its own ADC platform technology.

A Celltrion official said, “Celltrion will continue to make various investments to expand the treatment area and find new food for the future.” In particular, based on this investment in Iksuda, it creates synergy with the company’s antibody drugs and develops next-generation anticancer drugs. We plan to maximize our pipeline with

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