Celltrion Lekkorna to be exported to 9 European countries within this year

Celltrion’s self-developed COVID-19 antibody treatment ‘Rekkorna (ingredient name: Legdanvirab)’ (pictured) is in full swing to target the global market. Recently, with the official product approval of the European Medicines Agency (EMA), the global market is rapidly expanding.

Celltrion Healthcare, in charge of global sales of Rekkona, announced on the 30th that “We plan to ship the first 50,000 doses (150,000 vials) of Rekkona to be exported to 9 European countries within this year.” The company did not disclose the location of the nine European countries. In addition to these countries that have preemptively signed supply contracts, the company explained that it is negotiating with 47 other countries to export Lekki. The region is diverse, not only in Europe, but also in Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. An official from Celltrion Healthcare said, “Exports are expected to expand as inquiries about the supply of Lekkorina are increasing in various countries.”

The increase in the demand for lekkona is thanks to the high efficacy and safety guaranteed amid the continued spread of COVID-19. First of all, the spread of COVID-19 is clear in Europe. From the 15th to the 21st, the number of new COVID-19 cases in Europe was about 2.43 million, an 11% increase from a week ago. This is equivalent to 67% of the world’s confirmed cases. Above all, it is analyzed that the record of prescriptions administered to more than 20,000 patients in Korea is acting as a driving force for export expansion. A company official said, “The reliability of the drug is increasing as prescription data to prove the therapeutic efficacy and safety of Lekkorina is accumulating.”

Based on this trust, Celltrion is also seeking to enter the US market. Currently, discussions with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are in progress before applying for a psychiatric product license.

By Han Jae-young, staff reporter [email protected]

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