Celsys starts providing Clip Studio Paint version 2.0

TOKYO – (Newswire) March 24, 2023 – Celsis announced on the 24th that it has started providing ‘Clip Studio Paint 2.0 Version’, a drawing, cartoon, web, and animation app.

Clip Studio Paint is available on all devices including Windows, macOS, iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, Android, and Chromebook.

Version 2.0 includes a number of new features. Representative features include a powerful 3D function that can be used as a reference when drawing heads and hands, automatic shading that automatically creates shadows, and a color mixing brush that realizes more realistic color mixing. With this new feature, users can enjoy digital painting unique to Clip Studio Paint.

Users currently paying for the ‘Monthly Plan (clip site and all app stores)’ can upgrade immediately to version 2.0, and ‘One-time / Indefinite (Windows / MacOS) Version 1’ users can upgrade to the update plan or the preferred version. version upgrade Version 2.0 is available via Celsys plans to release ‘one-time payment/indefinite period (Windows/MacOS) version 2.0’ in the near future.

A diagnostic chart suggesting the best possible usage plan, such as detailed product line, current product usage period, and desired payment method, can be found on the website.

◇ Version 2.0 of major new features and improved existing features

support language

A total of 11 languages ​​will be supported (* iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, Android, Chromebook support)

3D function: 3D drawing doll head model that can adjust the position, size and angle of face parts

・ Forming shapes such as real, animated characters, chibi (chibi), and thin faces on the base model

Tune the head, eyes, nose, eyebrows, ears and mouth

A hand scanner that reflects the hand captured by the camera on the 3D toy doll

Hand gestures can be set by connecting the hand taken with the camera and the hand of the 3D drawing doll

Easy drawing of hand gestures that are difficult to draw

Other new features

Vertical correction function that allows one-touch adjustment of camera position for 2-point perspective

A distance fog function that can produce atmospheric perspective by adjusting the color of distant objects

text function

Can select multiple texts and change alignment, distribution, and properties at once

· Binding or word wrapper support, much requested by European and English users

Webgun-related features: Clipping edge editing function that adds or removes gaps between vertically arranged photos like webguns

· Drag on the canvas to add edges or delete unwanted parts

· If the added or deleted part is a gradient, automatically adjust the gradient according to the size after correction

Automatic shading function: Generate shadows automatically

・ Efficient coloring by adding shading to line drawings and filled areas

· Use shadows by adjusting the settings when viewing the preview

Possible to set the position, angle, and shadow color of the light source

Align and distribute layers/objects

· Select multiple objects such as pictures, texts, speech bubbles, and frame borders and arrange them at once or place them at equal intervals

Color mixing brush for more realistic color mixing

Possible to mix colors more perceptually and naturally than before

Maintain color brightness when mixing colors

A perspective ruler that supports fisheye composition

Easy to draw a composition similar to a photo taken with a fisheye lens

Save background to continue working while saving

You can continue working on large clip files that take a long time to save without waiting for the save to finish.

A rotation blur filter is best for the expression of rotating objects

Possible to express the rotation of objects such as tires

· Blurred amount and direction, the aspect ratio of the rotating circle can be set

Distortion correction and Panorama Transform Filter

Supports distortion-distortion correction filters that distort images as if they are magnified or concave, such as a fisheye lens

Panorama conversion filter support that transforms the image as a panorama that captures 360 degrees around the camera in one image

Support for multiple layers of the Liquify tool

· Select multiple layers and apply the Liquify tool at the same time

Layer name keyword search

Layer extraction is possible via keyword search, improving work efficiency for works that use many layers

Meanwhile, Clip Studio Paint is a drawing, cartoon/website, and animation application that supports Windows, macOS, iPad, iPhone, Android, and Chromebook. There are two grades: PRO, which is best for drawing and producing artwork, and EX, which is best for cartoon/weboon production and digital drawing for commercial animation. It celebrated its 10th anniversary since its release in May this year, and is currently used by more than 25 million people worldwide.

Lineup Plan:
Diagnosis chart suggesting plans:
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