Central Group Women Cancer: Raising Funds for Medical Equipment and Supplies for Women with Cancer

Grŵp Central Continues to Support Women with Cancer

The Central Group, along with its affiliated companies, is launching the “Central Group Women Cancer” project for the 18th consecutive time. This initiative aims to provide assistance to women battling cancer by raising funds for essential medical equipment and supplies. The support received will not only uplift these women but also contribute to their overall well-being.

Early detection is crucial in treating cancer, and it is influenced by various factors, including genetics, diet, rest, and the environment. Unfortunately, the vast majority of cancer cases are diagnosed at advanced stages. According to the Thai Cancer Registry of 2022, Thailand witnesses over 140,000 new cancer cases annually, averaging about 400 cases each day. These alarming statistics highlight the urgent need to address cancer as a significant public health concern in Thailand. Breast cancer, with 38,559 cases, and cervical cancer, with 12,956 cases, are the most prevalent cancers among women.

The Central Group is fully aware of the severity of cancer and its impact on Thai society and the world. The loss of loved ones to this disease has prompted the Central Group to extend its support to less privileged individuals and ensure their access to cancer treatment and screening. The “Central Group Women Cancer” project, embedded within the broader sustainability initiative “Central Do,” aims to provide financial support for female cancer patients. This endeavor includes purchasing state-of-the-art medical equipment such as digital mammograms, improving recovery wards, establishing the “Baan Ping Pak Project” (Pink Park Village) in collaboration with the Chaloem Phrakiat Breast Cancer Center Foundation, and acquiring portable ultrasound machines for the hospitals under the Thanyarak Foundation. The Central Group also organizes the “Do Good with Beautiful Hair” campaign, encouraging people to donate their hair to create wigs for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

In 2023, the Central Group invites customers, the public, affiliates, and business partners to participate in its 18th project, “Central Group Women Cancer.” The primary objective is to raise funds for the purchase of medical equipment and supplies. The donations will be distributed among three organizations: Thanyarak Foundation Siriraj Hospital, Ubon Ratchathani Cancer Hospital, and Lampang Cancer Hospital. Swift access to treatment is crucial for timely intervention, thereby increasing the chances of a complete cure and minimizing the disease’s progression.

Expert Insight from Dr. Wisit Wamwanit

Dr. Wisit Wamwanit, Director of Siriraj Hospital and President of Thanyarak Centre, emphasizes the prevalence of breast cancer among women. However, due to significant advancements in medical science, patients can now access timely and accurate treatment. Procedures like mammograms and ultrasound analysis enable rapid detection and efficient treatment.

To safeguard yourself from breast cancer, it is essential to undergo regular health check-ups, ideally on an annual basis. Self-examination of the breasts every month using three fingers and three touches allows for early detection of abnormalities such as lumps or nipple bleeding. In the case of any discovered irregularities, it is advisable to consult a doctor promptly for a mammogram and ultrasound analysis. Early treatment increases the chances of a complete cure.

In addition to financial assistance, the Central Group has organized a special activity at the Eden Activity Area, located on the third floor of Central World Shopping Centre, to provide moral support to female cancer patients. The area is adorned with symbols of relief and healing, such as birds, butterflies, and vibrant flowers, aiming to convey love, encouragement, and solidarity to these women and uplift their spirits.

Furthermore, attendees will have the opportunity to change their hairstyle with renowned stylists from the Salon and Gwen y Lolfa Hair Club. There will also be a nail polish activity by Kunyavee_nails, a Room Spray By Erb workshop, and a Gachapon spin to win special prizes. Other activities include artificial breast sewing, wig weaving demonstrations, Mr. Chang’s hand exercises for muscle strengthening, and the purchase of limited edition FitFlop bags designed exclusively for this event. Every drink purchased at the Good Goods store will contribute 10 baht towards fundraising, allowing customers to own a uniquely designed bag of their choice.

Support the Cause

The Central Group cordially invites everyone to support their cause by raising funds for the purchase of essential medical equipment. You can contribute through offline and online channels, including:

  • Online donation via the Thamdee website (available from today until December 31, 2023)
  • Scanning the QR code from e-mobile banking in various Central Group media outlets
  • Transferring funds to the Tiang Chirathivat Foundation account (Bangkok Bank, Account number 118-0-58203-1)
  • Donation boxes located at exchange points, PR points, and payment points in Central Group chain stores (available from today until October 31, 2023)
  • Donating hair for the creation of real wigs at the chemotherapy unit of Siriraj Hospital. Hair donations can be sent to the ‘Foundation of Angels for Khun Wanmai’ (available from today until December 31, 2023)

Grŵp Central and its affiliated companies sincerely hope that the “Central Group Women Cancer” project will inspire individuals to make a difference in the lives of women with cancer. They aim to empower these individuals, reminding them to stay strong, fight, and achieve a bright smile again.

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Grŵp Central and related companies Continue the “Central Group Women Cancer” project for the 18th time, inviting you to do good deeds for women who are cancer patients. Raising money to buy “medical equipment and supplies” fills every woman with encouragement.

If cancer is caught early, it can be treated. The factors that cause the disease include internal factors such as genetics and external factors such as diet, rest, the environment, and pollution. The worrying thing is that most people experience it in stages developed. From the statistics of the Thai Cancer Registry in 2022* from the National Cancer Institute, it was found that Thailand has more than 140,000 new cancer patients every year, or about 400 people a day, which shows that cancer is an important public health problem in the country Thai. . Because disease rates tend to increase continuously. And one of the most common cancers in women is breast cancer, with 38,559 cases, followed by cervical cancer with 12,956 cases.

Busaba Chirathivat, Executive Vice President of Corporate Communications Department of the Central Group said the Central Group and our subsidiaries are well aware that “cancer” is a serious disease of Thai society and around the world that takes the lives of our loved ones in our families. For this reason, we are committed to showing our intention to be on the side of the underprivileged in accessing cancer treatment and continuous screening to increase survival rates when detected early and rushed into the treatment process in a timely manner, for those over 18 years of age Grŵp Cnolog has given importance to helping female cancer patients who have no money for treatment or who are disadvantaged through the project “Central Group Women Cancer” (Central Group Women Cancer) in your invited to Do Good for helping female cancer patients Under the “Central Do” project – Do it together, do it with your heart Sustainability projects are carried out by the Central Group, such as raising money to buy equipment medical digital mammogram and improving the recovery ward for female cancer patients. the National Cancer Institute, the construction of the “Baan Ping Pak Project” (Pink Park Village), the first comprehensive treatment and care center for congenital breast cancer patients ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​in Thailand from the Chaloem Phrakiat Breast Cancer Center Foundation, fundraising Purchase of 10 Portable Ultrasound machines, a total of 5 million baht, for hospitals under the Thanyarak Foundation. and Do good with beautiful hair activity campaigns to help cancer patients, invite people to donate their hair to make wigs for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, etc. In 2023, we will continue the 18th project “Central Group Women Cancer” by inviting customers Invite, the public, affiliates and business partners Raise funds for the purchase of “medical equipment and supplies” are given to 3 agencies, including Thanyarak Foundation Siriraj Hospital, Ubon Ratchathani Cancer Hospital and Lampang Cancer Hospital As we are believe Quick access to treatment will allow timely treatment. and it also increases the chances of a complete cure Minimize entering the spreading stage

Clinical Professor Dr Wisit Wamwanit, Director of Siriraj Hospital and President of Thanyarak Centre, said breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. But in the current medical evolution Great progress This enables patients to access and receive timely and accurate treatment. With a mammogram and ultrasound machine that can be analyzed before it is initially felt to be breast cancer This allows for rapid detection and access to the treatment process.

For ways to look after yourself to stay away from breast cancer. You should check your health regularly every year. And examine your own breasts regularly, every month, using 3 fingers, 3 touches when you find something abnormal, like a lump in the breast, bleeding from the nipple. You should consult a doctor immediately. To be diagnosed with a mammogram and ultrasound However, if you find that you have cancer You should be aware and rush into the treatment process as recommended by your doctor. Because with early treatment there is a chance of a cure from breast cancer.”

In addition, Grŵp Central has also organized a special Activity to present moral support to female cancer patients at the Eden Activity Area, 3rd floor, Central World Shopping Centre. By creating an activity space full of an atmosphere of gentleness by placing “birds” and “butterflies” that represent relief and healing. and various flowers that add freshness and cheerfulness She hopes to send the power of love and convey encouragement to women who are cancer patients who feel down so that they don’t feel alone and keep smiling Highlights are 9 activities to send encouragement to female cancer patients as follows.

Come and change your hairstyle with a famous hair stylist from a team of hair stylists from the Salon and Gwen y Lolfa Hair Club who come to design chic hairstyles. and also took part in raising money to help women who are cancer patients Add color to make your nails beautiful. With the nail polish activity from Kunyavee_nails, the Room Spray By Erb workshop, an air freshener that can be tasted to be unique to your lifestyle. You will have the opportunity to spin Gachapon to receive special prizes. Sew artificial breasts from the women’s underwear section at Central Department Store Watch a wig weaving demonstration. and take part in the workshop activity Mr Chang squeeze hands To hand over tools to help patients touch Squeeze to exercise muscles for cancer patients From Angel Foundation to Khun Wan Mai Buy a chic bag from the FitFlop model, Limited Edition, created especially for’ w sold at the event only. Every purchase of 1 drink in the Good Goods store helps to raise money by donating 10 baht and becoming the owner of a bag with a unique design. You can choose to paint the pattern you want through artist creations.

We invite everyone to join us in raising money to buy medical equipment. By supporting the project through Offline and Online channels as follows:

Donate online through the Thamdee website (from today – 31 December 2023), scan the QR code from e-mobile banking in various media from Central Group businesses or transfer through the Tiang Chirathivat Foundation account, Bangkok Bank, Account number 118 – 0-58203-1 (From today – 31 December ’23) Donation boxes at exchange point, PR point. or payment points in Grŵp Cnolog chain stores, over 491 locations throughout the country (From today – 31 October 2023) Change The 1 point is for donations to support the fund. (From today – 31 December ’23) Join in donating hair for real wig weaving. To be given to the chemotherapy unit at Siriraj Hospital. You can donate hair and send it to ‘Foundation of Angels for Khun Wanmai’ (from today – 31 December 2023)

Grŵp Central and related companies I really hope that the Women’s Cancer project of Grŵp Central invites you to do good deeds to help women who are cancer patients. is another important voice in embracing And is an inspiration to all women facing cancer to be strong and fight. Ready to come back and have a bright smile again.

Source: Central Group

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