Central Memory Bank Memories Exhibition

Rawisara Chirathivat, Chief Marketing Officer, Central Department Store Company Limited, a subsidiary of Central Retail, said that Central Department Store first opened in 1947 until today for a period of 75 years. Central Department Store provides happiness and the best shopping experience for customers of all ages. With the decision to make Central Department Store as everyone’s second home to make customers happy every time they come to Central Department Store So, every story of bonding happens in the Central Department Store. And to celebrate 75 years, a special exhibition, The Central Memory Bank, was organized by choosing “Central : The Original Store” to organize the event because this is the origin of Central’s first retail store. This is considered to be the starting point of business success so far. It tells the story of the growth of the Central Department Store which has been with the Thai people for a long time. Ready to invite everyone to join in the past and bond together.

Central Memory Bank Exhibition Held on the rotating exhibition area Central Space, 3rd floor of “Central: The Original Store”, the exhibition is divided into different zones, such as Zone 1.Registration vintage style registration point That everyone will receive “Me Mory Book Bank”, a beautiful notebook of memories. with item stickers reminiscent of childhood specially prepared for This exhibition, Zone 2.It’s all Started at Central, takes you back in time to experience each grill. The speed of business growth of the Central Department Store Over the past few years, the Mini Theater Area in 3.Hall of Memories contains a collection of 75 collectibles filled with stories of happiness. This includes iconic items from the Central Archive, beloved treats by celebrities. as well as items in memory of employees and store tenants at the Central Department Store Each item reflects the story of the relationship between Central Department Store and important people who are always by their side in every moment of life, such as Cheek-Samsara Iam Ekdul , sends a Hello Kitty collection. Collected for more than 25 years, they come to display in the exhibition, saying that they would have to buy at least one piece when they were young, when they went to Central, to take it home. When he was eight years old, a piano teacher bought him a kitten eraser as a reward after his cheeks finished playing the piano. To this day, the eraser is still well preserved, for example.

Experience the exhibition “The Central Memory Bank” from today until 6 November 2022 at the rotating exhibition area, Central Space, 3rd floor, Central: The Original Repository, Charoenkrung Road.

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