Central Pattana Be prepared in advance When it opens, you can sit and eat at the restaurant again.

11 May 2021


Propose the government sector ‘intensive restaurant measures to raise the highest level’ to help reduce the impact of restaurants in 6 provinces after easing the measures

Central Pattana Public Company Limited, the operator of Central World Shopping Center, Central Plaza, Central Festival, Central Phuket and Central Village, Thailand’s first luxury outlet. Prepare everyone in advance By making a master plan ‘Concentrated restaurant measures to raise the highest level’ proposed to the government to consider as a guideline for restaurant operators nationwide to apply. When the restaurants in the six provinces were allowed to reopen for service, sit and dine in them again. With the aim of making this master plan to the public benefit of all sectors This is a good norm in keeping a restaurant clean and safe. Ensuring consumers return to the store to eat safely And help restaurant operators to resume their business as soon as possible, convincing all sectors and cooperating with the government Together to find a solution to the current situation fully If the situation in the country tends to improve The government will consider easing measures to help restaurant operators nationwide soon.

Ms. Walaya Chirathivat, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Central Pattana Public Company Limited, said, “According to the government’s announcement, restaurants in 6 provinces: Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Chonburi, Chiang Mai, Pathum Thani and Samut Prakan. It is an area where dining services are prohibited in the restaurant. And most recently, the company ordered to extend the closing period of service for sitting in restaurants in the area of ​​Bangkok that the company did not feel restless. And there is a great concern about the situation that the restaurant operators have to face. Throughout the past period We endeavor to thoroughly care for all restaurant operators nationwide, as well as being the leader of the Central Clean and Confident Measures Master Plan, so we intend to prepare everything as possible. So that when the situation improves And can be unlocked for the restaurant to return to open as a sit-and-eat-in restaurant Everyone will be ready to act immediately.

The company does not stop. Cooperated with all parties to review the plan to raise the highest level of measures to be presented to the government sector. To help reduce the impact on the restaurant business and the downstream businesses in the chain. And as a preparation to build the confidence of customers who use the service by advancing the measures for cleanliness and safety in advance, the company has initiated The ‘Master Plan for Restaurant Intensive Enhancement Measures to the Highest’ under the five pillars, which has more than 30 measures aimed at the benefit of the public. That everyone can publish and practice When the government considered allowing restaurants in the six provinces to reopen for service, sit and dine in. The master plan will emphasize the highest specialties. Both elevating the table setting to sit spaced with a partition And to seat up to 4 people per table, DOUBLE PROTECTION for employees to wear masks on 2 floors and when staff dine Take off the mask for no more than 15 minutes and sit at separate tables, daily tracking of employee TIMELINE, and the ultimate in hygiene. The 3-step service is wiping and disinfecting the table – washing hands – wearing gloves, etc. to provide additional protection for customers and restaurant service staff, ”said Ms. Valaya.

Ms. Valaya continued, “We are convinced that Restaurant operators nationwide will adopt a proactive master plan. This ‘intensive restaurant measures raise the highest level’ to be implemented to help prevent the spread of the epidemic for customers who use the service to be safe. Expecting the government to consider allowing restaurants in the six provinces to reopen for sit-in service. In order to reduce the impact that occurs “

In addition to enhancing the measures for cleaning and safety of the shopping center at the highest level To build the confidence of customers that the area in the shopping center is safe Central Department Store is also doing its best to help boost restaurant sales by adding Take home and Delivery services along with various promotions. Come out continuously Motivate And stimulate customer spending To help fully, not only the restaurant. But including all types of stores in the center To continue to operate the business and earn continuous income

Central Pattana Managers of Central shopping centers throughout the country There is a strong understanding that the government has accelerated every effort to stop the epidemic. By both the private sector Small entrepreneur And all Thai people are aware of what has happened and are ready to cooperate with each other. Maximum card lift Ready to implement various measures That the government fully recommends the situation in the country to be brought back under control again By 33 central malls nationwide Continues to raise the highest card Emphasize clean and confident leaders under the upgrade of proactive master plan measures. It covers 5 pillars: 1) Strict Screening 2) Social Distancing 100% at all points to avoid congestion. 3) Ensuring follow-up For safety 4) proactive attention to cleanliness at all points and 5) reducing exposure For the confidence and the utmost safety of everyone who uses the service By all our employees Ready to strive to do everything and do everything in every way to maintain cleanliness and safety Giving all customers peace of mind every time they come to use the service

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