‘Central Retail’ saw revenue in the first quarter of 56,274 million baht, profit increased by 189%. [PR]

Central Retail continues to be top form After the first quarter, revenue was 56,274 million baht, profit increased 189%, confident in the year 2022, growing on the wings, ready to accelerate the full business expansion

Mr. Yon Phokasub Chief Executive Officer of Central Retail Corporation Public Company Limited (CRC) said that in the first quarter of the past, Central Retail had a sales growth of 16% and total revenue was 56,274 million baht, an increase of 15% compared to the same period. last year and net profit of 1,324 million baht, an increase of 189% compared to the same period last year.

Same-store sales (SSSG) growth in Q1 was 11%, continuing positive in Thailand, Vietnam and Italy, while overall omni-channel sales grew 44%, demonstrating that Omni-Channel Platform Meet customers’ needs at the same time in all channels at the same time Currently, Central Retail has millions of additional Omni customers.

In addition, digital technology has been used to increase the speed and reduce the complexity of work. along with cost and supply chain management so that the company can still operate its business with strength amid various uncertain situations, including the COVID-19 situation that is entering a downtrend which is considered a positive sign for the economy But there is still a problem of global inflation that has continued to rise. as well as the conflict between Russia and Ukraine This will have a negative impact and must be watched closely.

For the year 2022 plans, Central Retail is preparing to penetrate the market with full strength. With an investment budget of more than 20 billion baht in developing and improving the core business as well as accelerating new business expansion and invest more in digital technology to enhance the potential of the CRC Ecosystem and to expand the Omnichannel platform to meet and provide a better experience for all customers. Every quarter throughout the year, Central Retail plans to launch new businesses, products and services. to the retail industry in Thailand, Vietnam and Italy as follows

crc Infographic TH

Thailand Reinforcing its leadership in omni-channel platforms both in the hard line, food, fashion and property businesses through renovations, branch expansions, and new business launches, including:

– Moving forward to expand more than 300 new branches throughout the year Consisting of the main stores in each business, namely Robinson Lifestyle Shopping Center, Robinson Department Store, Thai Watsadu and Tops, as well as other specialty stores, ready to continuously expand new branches such as TOP standalone, after receiving a very good response in the first branch, including other new formats that focus on penetrating new markets and accelerating the expansion of the new Health & Wellness business group with full power

-Launching new platforms and services in both food and non-food segments such as Thai Watsadu Mobile Application to be launched in May of this year Reinforcing its position as the number one leader in omni-channel retailing in the building materials market and full range of home decoration products in Asia including the launch of the Tops Prime service, which is a subscription model with free unlimited delivery. Perfectly responds to the lifestyle of the new era and new services Many more throughout this year.

– Upgrade the Robinson lifestyle shopping center, such as adding new stores and brands, making it more local. and expanding shopping centers in potential locations into a mixed-use format by collaborating with leading partners in building condos along with shopping centers to pull traffic and provide more convenience to customers

Vietnam Reinforcing its leadership in the food, shopping center and omni-channel business segments after sales through the platform in the first quarter grew doubled at 88% year-on-year.

– Push the GO app! It is one of the most popular shopping apps in Vietnam. Ready to accelerate the expansion of new offline branches throughout the year, including the shopping center GO! and 1 branch of hypermarket GO!, mini go! and 12 branches of Tops and 70 other non-food stores, aiming to build a strong business base It covers both the middle and lower markets. in response to the growth of Vietnam’s economy It is predicted that GDP in 2022 will grow at 6%.

Italy Reinforcing its leadership in omni-channel luxury through branch improvements and continuous online channels In the first quarter of the past More than 3 million customers use the Rinascente website, a 64% increase over the previous year.

– Moving forward to renovate the various branches of Renacente Department Store continually to modernize and can support the increased traffic of both local customers and tourists After the first quarter of 2022, traffic increased by 58%. We are confident that Italy’s sales for the whole year will grow in double digits due to the relief of the Covid-19 lockdown. and the return of tourists around the world

“The year 2022 is another year full of challenges. But with Central Retail’s business plans that are clear and practical, as well as investment and acquisition strategies that continue to move forward. We are very confident that Central Retail will be able to close this year 2022 with sales growth of 15-20% as targeted. Reinforcing its leadership in the retail world of the future and become the number one Omni-Centric Retailer in Asia.”


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