Central Retail, the beginning of year 65, draws Gulf Kanawut and Ajarn Chang for marketing strategies

Central Retail, the beginning of year 65, draws Gulf Kanawut and Ajarn Chang for marketing strategies

Date 30 Dec 2021 time 09:58

Central Retail, the beginning of year 65, draws Gulf Kanawut and Ajarn Chang for marketing strategies “Retailtainment” launches the “Oke spell” campaign to bring happiness to Thai people

Ms. Piyawan Leelasompop, Executive Vice President of Marketing, Central Retail Corporation Public Company Limited, said, “With the trend of rapidly changing consumers. Marketing the same way today will not answer the question anymore. Central Retail itself has studied consumer behavior and found that experience and entertainment are the most important things for consumers in this era, therefore developed a marketing strategy like Retailtainment In a new way through a strategy using music as a medium (Music Marketing) with the launch of the campaign “Magic Oke”, which corresponds to Thai people who have preferences and believe in luck. including the matter of enhancing luck Through creating a spell that is used to sing to bring good things to yourself and adjust it to make it more fun. So everyone can sing, play, dance, have fun and share with each other.

By the “Kat Oke” campaign, there were very skilled actors such as Gulf-Kanawut Tripipattanaphong. Come join the broadcast of the representative of the new generation with a fun lifestyle. It’s like a new life greeting ecard. that is ready to give happiness to all Thai people in the New Year festival We are confident that this Oke spell campaign will be a viral that makes Thai people happy. and get an unexpected entertainment experience for sure In addition, Ajarn Chang Tosaporn Sritula, an expert on Thai astrology and feng shui. Let’s come together to give blessings for good fortune. that creates positive energy for everyone to start the new year well It is scheduled to be released as a series during important festivals throughout the beginning of 2022. I want all Thai people to follow this fun together.”

Gulf Kanawut Tripipattanaphong about this campaign “Gulf was delighted. to be part of the Oke Spell Campaign To join in spreading happiness in the New Year with Central Retail Gulf, we wish everyone happiness, whatever they wish. be healthy and start the new year with energy like a blessing in an oke spell that want everyone to sing and dance along Have fun together Let’s awaken the energy within us. To welcome the new year, let’s start the year of good luck, happiness, happiness, and don’t forget to follow the work of Gulf and Central Retail, who will have any surprises in the next festival. Happy New Year everyone.”

Ajarn Chang Tossaphon Sritula said, “During the New Year’s festival, People often ask me if next year will be better. About Covids, about finances, work and love. I believe that many things in the next year will be better. This is also a good time to start something new. Like Central Retail’s campaign that wants Thai people to have energy and physical strength to welcome the new year in a New Year…New Start style. happiness hope as intended Ready to accept good things that will come in this new year. Happy New Year… New Start everyone.”

For those who are interested, you can watch the E-Card, bless, sing, play, and dance in the style of the gulf man of the Oke by Ajarn Chang campaign #NewYearNewStart Got it today via Facebook. Central Retail and YouTube Central Retail as well as join activities to pass on happiness and share good things to create power for the Year of the Tiger. by downloading auspicious wallpapers Follow the fun on Facebook.



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