CEO Lee Jae-myeong Facing Arrest Warrant for Alleged Corruption and Illegal Relationship

Prosecution Emphasizes Urgency of CEO Lee Jae-myeong’s Arrest in Latest Warrant

In their most recent arrest warrant for CEO Lee Jae-myeong, the prosecution has employed compelling language to underscore the gravity of the situation. Utilizing phrases outside of the legal realm, such as ‘possible abuse of city administration’ and ‘naeronambul,’ the prosecution aims to emphasize the necessity of apprehending Lee.

This warrant, much like its predecessor, characterizes Lee as a “criminal agent” who maintained a mutually beneficial relationship with a clandestine power, namely Baekhyeon-dong’s development lobbyist.

Understanding the Contents of the Arrest Warrant

Investigative reporter Son Gu-min delves into the intricacies of the arrest warrant to shed light on its contents.

Exploring Lee Jae-myeong’s Arrest Warrant

In the arrest warrant for Lee Jae-myeong, leader of the Democratic Party of Korea, the prosecution explicitly refers to Baekhyeon-dong’s development suspicions as “inherent corruption that revolves around power in the region.”

Central to the warrant is the identification of Kim In-seop, a Baekhyeon-dong development lobbyist, as a key figure. Kim is described as Seongnam City’s “secret power” and Lee’s “closest non-organizational ally.” Dating back to Lee’s mayoral campaign in 2006, Kim’s influence extended beyond matters of business licensing to include Seongnam city officials’ personnel management.

Within the 142-page warrant, the prosecution also highlights an alleged request by Kim to grant preferential treatment to a private contractor during the Baekhyeon-dong development in 2014. Supporting evidence includes a statement from Dong-gyu Yoo, former head of the Seongnam Urban Development Corporation, which implicates Lee’s direct involvement.

Notably, Lee referred to Kim as ‘brother’ and instructed him to exercise caution due to his involvement in the Baekhyeon-dong project. The prosecution furthermore points out that the exclusion of the Seongnam Urban Development Corporation from the project was a result of Kim’s request and Lee’s instructions.

Concluding their findings, the prosecution asserts that “Representative Lee and Mr. Kim maintained an illegal symbiotic relationship and actively engaged in criminal activities.”

Suspicions of Illicit Fund Transfer to North Korea

The warrant also touches on allegations suggesting that Ssangbangwool Group funneled $8 million to North Korea. The prosecution deems this a severe crime that violates both domestic laws and international sanctions against North Korea, posing a threat to global security. The funds, it is argued, may have been employed for military expenses, endangering the stability of the Korean Peninsula.

Prosecution Urges Swift Action, Citing Lee’s Lack of Accountability

The prosecution firmly contends that Lee is evading responsibility by solely blaming his subordinates. Insisting on the absence of any mitigating circumstances, they assert that leniency is unwarranted.

The motion for Lee’s arrest, currently under consideration in the National Assembly, is scheduled for a plenary vote on the 21st. Should it pass, the final decision will rest with a court review.

Son Gu-min reporting for MBC News.

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In the first arrest warrant for CEO Lee Jae-myeong last February, the prosecution emphasized the need to arrest by using phrases that were not legal terms, such as ‘possible abuse of city administration’ and ‘naeronambul’.

In this warrant as well, the prosecution defined CEO Lee as a “criminal agent,” saying, “He maintained a symbiotic relationship with a secret power, Baekhyeon-dong development lobbyist.”

Reporter Son Gu-min looked at the contents of the arrest warrant.

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In the arrest warrant for Lee Jae-myeong, the leader of the Democratic Party of Korea, the prosecution named Baekhyeon-dong’s development suspicions as “inherent corruption​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​in the region that focuses on power.”

First, Baekhyeon-dong development lobbyist Kim In-seop was named Seongnam City’s “secret power” and “closest non-organizational ally” at the time.

Mr. Kim, who helped Rep. Lee since his Seongnam mayoral election in 2006, “was able to influence not only business licensing but also the personnel management of Seongnam city officials.”

In the 142-page warrant, the prosecution determined that there was even a request by Mr Kim in the process of giving preferential treatment to a private contractor during the development of Baekhyeon-dong in 2014.

Representative Lee presented the statement of the former head of the Seongnam Urban Development Corporation Dong-gyu Yoo as the circumstances surrounding his direct involvement.

CEO Lee is said to have called Mr Kim ‘brother’ and instructed him to “be careful because the Baekhyeon-dong project is being carried out by brother Inseop.”

The prosecution also pointed out that the Seongnam Urban Development Corporation’s omission from the project was also due to Mr Kim’s request and CEO Lee’s instructions.

At the same time, it was concluded that “Representative Lee and Mr. Kim maintained an illegal symbiotic relationship and welcomed crime.”

Regarding the suspicion that Ssangbangwool Group sent $8 million to North Korea instead, he wrote, “It is a serious crime that not only violates the law and positive sanctions against North Korea, but also threatens international security.”

The money transferred to North Korea ″may have been used for military expenses that threaten the security of the Korean Peninsula.″

The prosecution strongly argued that CEO Lee was “irresponsible by putting all the blame on his subordinates,” and that “there is absolutely no room for mercy.”

The motion to arrest Representative Lee, which was submitted to the National Assembly, is expected to be voted on in the plenary on the 21st, and if passed, it will be decided whether or not it should be retained through a court review.

This is Son Gu-min from MBC News.

Video Editing: Jang Dong-meh

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