[CES 2023] Invitation to Samsung Press Conference, “Opening the Era of Personalized Experiences” – Samsung Newsroom Korea

‘A hyper-connected era ushered in with customized experiences’(Bringing Calm to Our Connected World)’An invitation to guide you has arrived..

next year 1month 4one afternoon 2city(local time), in Korean time 1month 5morning 7City Vice Chairman Han Jong-hee, CEO of Samsung Electronics(DX head of department)As the representative speaker CES 2023 This is an invitation to a press conference..

Mandalay Bay Ballroom, Las Vegas, USA(Mandalay Bay Ballroom)At this event held in , you can meet Samsung Electronics’ vision and the latest technology to create a sustainable future for all.. CES 2023 the press conference Samsung newsroomis broadcast live online.