Cesar is troubling to cut off the small table footballer – insists that it does not affect Muhammad’s return to help the team in time

Thai national futsal team Practicing for the last meal at Ramkhamhaeng University before moving to practice at Show DC Rama 9 “Carlos Cesar”, the big consultant, not worried, warming up the first tournament without “Muhammad” because now there are many players in the team. But the troubling thing is the cutoff because all the players have trained very well.

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movement “Lek table army, elephant war” Thai national futsal team prepares for the battle “NSDF Futsal invitation 2022 between 15-21 March 65 at ShowDC Rama 9 shopping center to prepare the team for the 16th ASEAN defense and 5th SEA Games

Most recently, the Spanish coach Carlos Cesar. Lead the team to practice continuously at At the Gymnasium Stadium 2, Ramkhamhaeng University on March 3, 65, which was the last practice before moving to practice on the field. ShowDC Rama 9 Shopping Center from 4 Mar 65 onwards

For training, “Coach Cesar” called a team meeting for the players to watch a clip of play 1 hour before, during which the goalkeeper was also trained separately. Before they all started to practice together at 16:00, it took 3 hours to practice.

After training, Carlos Cesar revealed: “The first thing I want to say after the first week of training is that I am very happy. In training with this set of players everyone has a commitment My homework is to try to speed up the training as quickly as possible because we don’t have time. And up to here, it went as planned.”

“Now the tournament is getting closer and closer. How will all the results come out, you can tell when the competition takes place. Ask if the goal is to win the first tournament. I’m not focusing on that we need to be champions in the coming races. But the focus is on what we’ve been practicing and the development of the players.”

“As for the case of Muhammad Ousman Musa, I spoke with him, who is now at Cordoba in Spain, and he has made it clear that he wants to return to the national team. I think this week will be more clear when will come back. If he comes, it will be good. But if the mission is really We have players ready to replace. But in the first tournament that’s about to kick off, it’s probably not too late for Muhammad. Now I’m really struggling with the first cut because everyone has been training very well.”

Thai national futsal team program
-The first tournament “NSDF Futsal invitation 2022” at ShowDC Rama 9 shopping center during 15-21 March 2022 with 6 nations joining Iran, Mongolia, Oman, Maldives, Myanmar and Thailand.
There will be a draw for the competition on March 4, 65 at 2:00 p.m. at the Lancaster Hotel, 2nd floor.

– ASEAN Futsal Championship Between 2-10 April 2022 at Indoor Stadium Huamark

– Futsal SEA Games 2022 in Vietnam during May 2022 in Vietnam

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