CG Bio proves the effectiveness of SVF treatment in the field of tissue regeneration

[팜뉴스=김태일 기자]CG Bio is going to prove the effect of SVF in the field of tissue regeneration.

CGbio signed an MOU with BIO Plastic Surgery Clinic for joint research on SVF (stromal vascular fraction) and started research to prove the therapeutic effect of SVF transplantation in the field of tissue regeneration. announced on the 12th.

The signing ceremony was held in the seminar room of BIO Plastic Surgery Clinic on the 4th with the participation of officials from both companies including Yoo Hyun-seung, CEO of CG Bio, and Jo In-chang, CEO of BIO Plastic Surgery Clinic.

According to the MOU, CG Bio will collaborate with BIO Plastic Surgery for research and data collection to prove the therapeutic effect of SVF transplantation in indications such as wound and scar regeneration, breast enlargement, and anti-aging skin booster. To establish CG Bio’s SVF research branch in BIO Plastic Surgery Clinic. CG Bio’s SVF automatic extraction device Cell Unit (CELLUNIT) will be used for these research activities and data collection.

Cell unit is a medical device that separates and purifies SVF from adipose tissue extracted by medical staff from adipose tissue using centrifugation. It can be maintained at the same level and the required time has been greatly reduced to 45 minutes. The enzyme required in the SVF separation process is the first in Korea to use GMP-grade collagenase, and its quality and safety have been improved.

SVF refers to the remaining cell population in adipose tissue except for adipocytes, and in addition to adipose-derived stem cells, various cells including vascular endothelial cells, fibroblasts, immune cells, and muscle cells exist. Therefore, in addition to cell differentiation, which is the main function of stem cells, △vascularization and blood supply △wound recovery and tissue reconstruction △apoptosis and delay prevention △immune factor regulation △environmental cell activation are also performed.

Also, unlike adipose-derived stem cells that are extracted through culture, SVF is known to have a relatively low risk of cancer because it does not undergo a culture process.

CGBio CEO Yoo Hyun-seung said, “In the future, we will continue to reveal the clinical efficacy and safety of SVF extracted through cell units, thereby expanding the therapeutic area where SVF transplantation can be helpful. To this end, we plan to actively cooperate with BIO Plastic Surgery Clinic, which has secured expertise in the field of cosmetic surgery.”


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