CGS expects SET last week of 64 to swing narrowly 1625-1,650

Kanthi Group Securities (CGS) revealed that the last working week of the SET of 64 has no significant factor for investment. International economic figures show US crude inventories on Wednesday, US jobless claims on Thursday, Bloomberg expects at 200,000, believing the market would like to see the numbers not so hot. To encourage the US Federal Reserve (Fed) to continue the policy similar to that announced.

including the situation of Omikron around the world, including Thailand If there is news, there are higher infections in Thailand. including abroad This may be a factor depressing the investment overview. Recently, Thailand has started to find Omicron infections from people in the country by Cluster couples who have returned from Belgium. Therefore, it is an issue that should be closely monitored whether the outbreak is widespread or not.

So, with the SET opening week for trading only four business days before the four-day New Year holiday, coupled with nothing outstanding this week, it is believed to be characterized by an outward movement in a narrow range of around 1625- 1,650

As for the outlook, year 65 is expected to be a good year for the SET driven by economic recovery and listed company profits following the easing of epidemic control measures. This year, Thailand has faced an outbreak since the beginning of the year and around April-August, it has been more than five months that quasi-economic activities have stalled. Inflation in Thailand is not as hot as the United States. It is a reason to believe that the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) will maintain the policy interest rate for the year 65, which will make the valuation of EYG (Earning Yield Gap) shares not be pressured and Valuation is not currently expensive SET trading At Forward PE 22, approximately 17x is close to the 10-year average.

investment strategy If you want to hold shares across the year, you can do it. As for the gradual accumulation, it also recommends domestic-based groups such as commercial banks (BBL KBANK SCB), retail (CPALL CRC, DOHOME GLOBAL HMPRO ILM), cinemas (MAJOR), food and beverages (CBG M MINT), media (ONEE VGI).

ONEE (buy / target price Bt11.8) expects online revenue to grow by an average of 16% over the next four years, with a share of 28% of revenue in 2017, driven by a high number of followers. The best in YouTube and Facebook channels compared to domestic competitors.

LH (buy / target price Bt10) maintains a positive view on the overall profit of year 65 from the aggressive launch plan of new projects at 29 billion baht, an increase of 46% from the same period last year. And it is expected that the recognition of revenue from the Key Rama 3 condo project worth 2 billion baht in the second half of next year. It will be a driving factor for profit growth again.



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