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CGTN: Xi Jinping launches new measures at COP15 meeting

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on Tuesday China has released a series of measures to continue the country’s efforts to create a beautiful China. During the 15th session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (COP15) held in Kunming The capital of Yunnan Province in southwest China.

Under the theme “Ecological Civilization: Creating a Shared Future for All Life on Earth,” COP15 is the first global conference organized by the United Nations to highlight ecological civilization. This is the philosophy that China has presented.

Biodiversity Fund national park and plans to achieve carbon emissions goals

China will lead an investment worth 1.5 billion yuan (about $233 million) to set up the Kunming Biodiversity Fund.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has announced the policy. While speaking at the COP15 Summit via video link in Beijing on Tuesday.

President Xi said The funds will be used to support developing countries in biodiversity protection. He added that China urges and welcomes all parties to contribute money to the fund.

to strengthen the protection of biodiversity China is working to build a protected area system with national parks as the core.

over time Areas that are most important to natural ecosystems and has the most unique natural landscape as well as the most valuable natural heritage and the greatest biodiversity reserves will be included in the national park system

To achieve maximum carbon emissions and carbon neutral goals China will release action plans for the highest carbon dioxide emissions in key areas and sectors, as well as a series of support measures. and will set up a “1+N” policy framework for peak carbon emissions and carbon neutrality.

China will continue to adjust its industrial structure and energy allocation. Including the development of renewable energy intensively and accelerate progress in the planning and development of large-scale wind power and the installation of photovoltaic stations in sandy, rocky and desert areas.

harmonious coexistence between man and nature

President Xi stated during his speech that Humans and nature need to coexist in harmony. “When we protect nature Nature will reward us generously. But if we take advantage of nature rudely Nature will punish us mercilessly.”

“We need to be very afraid of nature. respect nature follow the laws of nature and protect nature to create a space of harmonious coexistence between man and nature,” the Chinese leader said.

Chinese President Xi Jinping reiterated the unique idea he proposed in 2005, describing clear, cold water and verdant mountains as invaluable assets.

A good ecosystem and environment is not just a natural asset. but also an economic asset and affect the potential and trends of economic and social development.

President Xi called for increased efforts to promote greener development methods. and benefit both ways Both in terms of economic growth and environmental protection. to create a space of mutual progress both economically and environmentally

China’s leader calls on the international community to work together for the effective development of humanity.

President Xi called on countries around the world to cooperate. and embark on a new journey to effectively develop humanity.

President Xi stressed that The development of an ecological civilization should be a guide for harmonizing the relationship between man and nature. He added that human activities must be within the boundaries of ecology and the environment.

The Chinese leader has also pushed forward efforts to make green change a driving force of people’s efforts for sustainable development around the world. and calls to enhance environmental cooperation to share the benefits of green development in all countries

President Xi stressed the need to promote the well-being of the people. To enhance social equality and justice International law should be the basis for upholding a fair and equitable international governance.

President Xi also said that The new environmental protection must be ambitious But at the same time, it has to be taken seriously and balanced.



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