CH Perinthalmanna Center expands operational scope : Nattu Visesham

CH Perinthalmanna Center expands scope of operations

Tuesday, February 28, 2023 12:22 AM IST

Perinthalmanna: C. which has been operating in Perinthalmanna since 2020. It was decided to expand the operational area of ​​Center H. According to the instructions of Chief Counsel Panakkad Sadiqali Shihab. Ram Perinthalmanna CH. KPA Center President The meeting was presided over by Majeed MLA Pattanpi Legislative Assembly Ndalam, Ottapalam, Shornur, Ala is a part of Mannarkad mandal. Nallur and Edthanatkara regions are the source of Perinthalmanna.It was decided to include it in Ratna Paridhi.
The President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Muslim League Panchayats of these areas A. They participate in the meeting.
He sought treatment in various hospitals in the city of Perinthalmanna Cases coming up for post mortem and other urgent nature Perinthalmanna CH Center related to Mulla subjects Those in the upper regions should also seek Rin’s help. Mandal and Panchayat level for coordination of activities The payments will be spread.

Administrative and Palliative CH Center under construction The block will be opened by the end of July. As part of the event’s fundraising for the operating fund, a Se A check of Rs.1 lakh was also printed by Riyasuddin Kopp This was handed over to KPA Majeed MLA. General Secretary Center CH Adv. AK Mustafa, Speakers Salim Kuruvanpalam, MS Alavi Thacha Natukara, AK Nassar, Adv.S. Salam, Abubakar Haji, Kutiri Manuppa spoke.


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