Cha Seo-won baptized bad comments on the news of marriage and pregnancy with Uhm Hyun-kyung… Criticizing ‘Breaking drama immersion’ for crossing the line |

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Cha Seo-won, Eom Hyun-kyung. /Photo = Reporter Lee Hye-young

[스포츠한국 조은애 기자]

Actor Cha Seo-won receives the baptism of bad comments from some of the drama’s followers while announcing the news of his marriage and pregnancy with Uhm Hyun-kyung.

Cha Seo-won, who is currently serving in the military, announced on the 5th, “We are dating Uhm Hyun-kyung on the premise of marriage, and we plan to get married after being discharged.”

Cha Seo-won’s side said, “A precious new life like a blessing has come to both of them.”

As the congratulatory message was conveyed, Cha Seo-won received congratulations from the public. However, some drama fans frowned on Cha Seo-won’s SNS by posting malicious comments that went beyond the limit.

Cha Seo-won finished filming Teabing’s ‘Unintentional Love Story’ before joining the army. ‘Unintentional Love Story’, released last March, is a BL drama that depicts the story of two men who really fall in love in a relationship that started as a lie.

Some fans criticized Cha Seo-win for interfering with their immersion in the work. There were also malicious comments that crossed the line, such as “You are selfish without courtesy or responsibility”, “I hope you will be unhappy for the rest of your life”, and “Don’t put it off in the future”.

In response, Cha Seo-won’s fans responded with positive comments, such as “Thank you for showing me your luxurious acting,” “I can’t imagine Yoon Tae-joon other than Cha Seo-won,” “Congratulations on your marriage, and I will always supports you.”

Meanwhile, Cha Seo-won is scheduled to be released in May next year.

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