Cha Vaccine Research Institute develops combined vaccine for ‘Corona 19/Influenza’ : Dong-A Science

Jeon Eun-young, director of the Cha Vaccine Institute, gives a presentation at the Hwasun International Vaccine Forum. Provided by the Te Vaccine Institute.

The Cha Vaccine Research Institute announced on the 17th that it is revealing the current status of the development of a vaccine candidate material that combines a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19 Corona 19) and a seasonal flu ‘flu’ at the ‘2022 Hwasun International Vaccine Forum’.

Jeon Eun-young, deputy director of research at the Cha Vaccine Research Institute, made a presentation on the theme of “corona vaccine development in the era of endemic COVID-19” at the “Republic of Korea Vaccine 2022” session. Research and Development Sharing Forum” held on the 11th.

The Cha Vaccine Research Institute is developing a candidate substance for a ‘mixed 19-flu Corona vaccine’ with better convenience and preventive effect for the elderly. Jeon, Research Assistant Director, said, “This candidate substance uses L-Pampo, an immune enhancement platform developed by the CHA Vaccine Research Institute, to simultaneously increase immunogenicity against Corona 19 and influenza, especially for the elderly with reduced immunity. increase the deterrent effect against

As a result of his own experiments, L-Fampo, an immune enhancing platform, induced a higher level of immunogenicity than the immune enhancing agents used in commercially available vaccines. Even in the COVID-19-flu combination vaccine, the humoral immune response that activates the production of antibodies against the antigens of both viruses can be activated as well as the cellular immune response that directly attacks the virus , increasing vaccine efficiency in the elderly. with reduced immunity.

Based on these results, the Cha Vaccine Research Institute’s new ‘premium mixed corona and flu vaccine candidate’ was selected for the ‘future growth high added value vaccine development’ project conducted by the Ministry of Health and Welfare. The combination COVID-19-flu vaccine has the advantage of increasing the convenience of vaccination because it can prevent two diseases at the same time with one vaccination.

Corona 19 is expected to be as common every year as seasonal flu. Recently, the 7th Corona 19 epidemic and the seasonal flu epidemic have overlapped. In particular, according to recent research results, it was found that when infected with influenza, the expression of the receptor for Corona virus 19 increases, making it more likely to be infected with Corona virus 19.

In the case of co-infection with Corona 19 and influenza in the elderly, it was found that the death rate was 1.6 times higher than in the case of influenza infection alone. However, it is analyzed that current vaccines do not cause sufficient vaccine efficacy in the elderly with reduced immune function due to aging.

Yeom Jeong-seon, CEO of Tea Vaccine Research Institute, said, “Tea Vaccine Research Institute is developing a premium vaccine that goes beyond the limits of existing vaccines by utilizing the excellence of its self-developed immune enhancement platform.” We will carry out research activities to ensure international competitiveness.”

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