Cha Woo-rim, a former Miss Korea monk, why she went to school

The current situation of Cha Woo-rim, a former Miss Korea Incheon contestant in 1994, was revealed.

Cha Woo-rim, who participated in the Miss Korea contest with Seong Hyeon-ah and Han Seong-ju, lived a splendid life as a model, but suddenly turned into a monk and is currently practicing in a cave where she cannot even straighten her waist.

Cha Woo-rim, who dreamed of happy days with a splendid wedding ceremony, went through difficult things one after another as the IMF hit.

He said, “I went bankrupt and my house and car were sold out. My husband also died suddenly in a car accident after 4 years of marriage.”

Also, as to the reason for becoming a monk, he said, “I suffered until my son went to college. I thought that I should live comfortably now, but the child suddenly fell ill.”

She continued, “I made such a choice for my child, but the child may think that the mother abandoned him. I sincerely hope that you do not think that way,” she cried.

(Photo = broadcast capture)


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