Chaba Kaew is not afraid of cheering for the locals, hoping to beat Vietnam to win the SEA Games women’s football gold – fresh news

Chaba Kaew, Thai women’s national football team with a queue to enter the 31st SEA Games gold medal match with host Vietnam Confirmed not afraid of cheering for the locals and showing their potential to win the championship

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Chaba Kaew, Thai women’s national football team, the 31st SEA Games, prepares to enter the field for the final match Vietnamese national team, the old champion, at Kamfa Stadium, Vietnam at 19:00 on Channel 9 Mcot HD No. 30 live

Latest on May 20, Chaba Kaew army trained at the Yen field as the last meal by Miyo Okamoto. It took 1 hour and 30 minutes to practice.

Miyo Okamoto, Thai female head coach, Japanese women, said, “The atmosphere of the team at the moment is quite good. Although this time we will visit him, but believe that we can definitely win.”

“From the past competitions in the Asian Championships We have had many unfavorable situations. including factors related to COVID-19 and physical condition of athletes causing us to make mistakes But this time we have prepared well. I believe that everyone can join forces and win.”

“Talking about the fans who put pressure on us. But if you think about it from another angle, Vietnam, the host, should be more pressured. We will encourage our team members to do their best. take it absolutely I’m sure we can win 100%.”

“Thank you Thai fans for always supporting us. After this, we will all gather our willpower to overcome. I want everyone to continue to follow us.”

While Silawan Intami, team captain, said: “We are all mentally and physically prepared for the upcoming encounter with Vietnam again tomorrow.”

“The oppressive atmosphere of the host We must turn the crisis into an opportunity. Looks like they’re cheering for us as well. will have encouragement and play to the fullest.”

“Error from India (Asia Championship) gives us a chance to fix, review more, which will allow us to make fewer mistakes and get revenge on Vietnam. Dedicated to all Thai football fans Please support us to win this SEA Games championship.”

Part 11 players expected to enter the field It should be the same set that defeated the Philippines 3-0 in the semi-finals, consisting of Waraporn Boonsing, Kanchanaporn Saenkun, Irrawaddy Makris, Pornpirun Pilawan, Silawan Intami, Nipawan Panyosuk, Warunee Petchwiset, Sunisa Sangthaisong, Kanyanat Chettabut, Orapin Waenngern and Thanikan Dangda

For women’s football in the SEA Games, a total of 11 times were organized, with Thailand being the champion 5 times, while Vietnam was the champion 6 times. met Vietnam In the finals of the SEA Games 6 times, Vietnam did better than 4 wins, while Thailand won 2.

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