“Chaba Kaew U20” joins the E line for the 2022 Asian Championship qualifying round, the first round.

Share the U20 line! The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) held a draw ceremony. Asian Women’s Football Championship Under 20, qualifying round, first round “Chaba Kaew U20” joins Taiwan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan first qualifying round

Thailand women’s national football team, under 20 years old, on November 3, 2022 at 1:00 PM (Thailand time) in Malaysia. The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) held a draw ceremony. Asian Women’s Under 20 Football Championship, qualifying round, first round

The lottery results are as follows:

– Group A: China, Lao PDR (host), Hong Kong, Philippines

– Group B: Nepal, United Arab Emirates, Northern Mariana Islands, Palestine (host)

– Group C: Australia, Kyrgyzstan (hosts), Guam, Iraq

– Group D: Lebanon, Jordan (host), Mongolia, Bhutan

– Group E: Thailand (host), Taiwan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan

– Group F: Vietnam (hosts), India, Singapore, Indonesia

– Group G: Myanmar, Malaysia, Pakistan, Cambodia (hosts)

– Group H: Bangladesh (host), Turkmenistan, Iran

For the Group E competition where the Thai national team is on the line It will be held between 2-14 March 2023 in Buriram Province. according to competition format The qualifying round will be divided into 2 rounds. The first round will be divided into 8 groups to bring the group champions to play in the 2nd qualifying round during September 2023.

In the second round, the competition will be divided into 2 groups, taking the champion of the group. and the runner-up of the group Passed into the final round of 8 teams, which will have 4 teams already placed: Uzbekistan (host), Japan (champion 2019), North Korea (second in 2019) , South Korea (second place) 2 years 2019)