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AWhen the Njanga defense line is drawn on paper, it looks like a chain in the water preventing ships from entering the harbour. Even if not during the game. Five thirds when climbing. Five more on landing. Álvarez, Araujo, Montes, Moreno, Guillardo… the links in the chain that placed Mexico like a bow in front of their goal. Mexico looked to climb in the opening moments of the match against Argentina, but it soon came to an end.

There were very few occasions in the game when the ball was continuously at someone’s feet. Pant must have cursed himself. If it was possible to run with one in the open air, or rest in the net. Openings are common in any game. The only glimpse of such green was only when Mexico went into the game thinking they were losing the game. There will be no other game in this World Cup that has experienced such a traffic jam.

Even when the midfield is packed with people, you can see short passes being composed and then players being dressed. A little peace and quiet came to the game when Mexico almost stopped the game and retreated. Messi saved not only Argentina but also the game. The rabbit emerged from the magician’s hat.

A goal created almost out of thin air. Enzo Fernandez made the last scenes unforgettable. It is said that the league with the most fans in North America belongs to Mexico. They also regularly perform well in the World Cup. No one would have expected an unimaginative game from them. They have one more chance against Saudi Arabia to wash away this bitterness.

In the first match against Argentina, Saudi appeared as a small team, but against Poland, they played as an equal or “big” team. Their coach, Harvey Reno, can now be seen on YouTube talking to the players at halftime of that game. Renault fires the players in English, saying they respect Messi. He also asks to be photographed. Even if the fans didn’t hear Renault’s taunt at the time, the result was visible on the ground.

Saudi Arabia was likely to win against Poland. And to lose. Whatever happened is the law of football. Poland’s three yellow cards in the first 20 minutes will show Saudi’s willingness to attack. Saudi players are skilled at kicking and dribbling the ball at their feet. They can also turn easily. Although they scored twice against Argentina, they lack a goalscorer. Saudi Lewandowski or Olivier Chiroux.

Polish players felt fatter and slower than Saudi players. Maybe if Poland and Denmark played, it wouldn’t feel like this. There were accusations that Poland were a one-man team with only Lewandowski. Of course, in the language of the game, that’s figurative, not sarcastic. Goalie Wojciech Szczesny was at the back and Lewandowski was up front.

Szesny says he made mistakes while playing for Arsenal. But he is also understood to be an expert at double saving. Al Dausari’s penalty and then Alburaik’s attempt were saved by Szczesny. It broke the hearts of the Saudi fans, but it must have left the rest of the crowd a little surprised.

Piotr Cielenski was brought in as Lewandowski’s assistant coach. Part of the goal for Lewandowski himself. No other player knows the lay of the land in the penalty box as well. The Polish player was close even when Alalki made a mistake. It was not a blind shot to the post. The Polish player looked up at the surroundings of Saudi goalkeeper Al Uwais, probably thinking that he should not miss his first World Cup goal.

There was more calculation than panic. Poland had no control over the ball, only to give the ball to Lelandowski and serve. He was also seen coming down. This experience is common for a team with only one good player. The Senegal match would have been different if Sadio Mane had been there. It has been a long time since we heard about the progress of an African team.

Overall the performance of those teams in this World Cup is not exciting. Except maybe Morocco. The picture will only become clear after their second game. Croatia, which they hosted without scoring, was not the old strong Croatia. Tunisia drew with Denmark but lost to Australia. Australian hands are industrious. They will play simple football and this will be enough against the teams that stand with them.

Australia won despite the massive support of the Tunisian home crowd. Football is said to be still behind Australian football, cricket and rugby there. Denmark have a good midfield and defence, but their lack of a goalscorer is hampering their progress. They have failed to score against Tunisia. A goal against France was not enough.

France, on the other hand, is in no way afraid of its opponents. The lack of Pogba, Benzema or Kante has not affected them too much because they have the players they want in the cupboard. Griezmann drops a bit more and plans the game. Mbappe not only runs like Usain Bolty but also scores goals. Mbappé’s game looks ‘simple’ because he plays on the sides.

But there are subtle turns in that straight line. Mbappe does things quickly before others can think of him. We will hear more about Mbappe. Crackers could only be heard on two occasions during the night. One when Brazil won and second when Argentina got out of bed and walked.

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