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Chairman Bat Fai is proud to help develop handicrafts – good things in Sukhothai

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Dr. Anongwan Thepsutin, president of Sukhothai FC, along with “Sai” Natthida Thepsutin, vice president of Sukhothai FC and representatives of the club’s players, including Leon Pitchaya James, Nukulkit Garut Yai, Sompong Saleb, Woo Keun Young, Nicholas Velez and Anusak Jaipetch attended the Pha Khao Ma Tho Jai 2021 event at Samyan Mitrtown to exhibit their work from Dhurakij Pundit University. which creates works from the weaving and sewing group of Ban Hat Siew, Sukhothai Province, until it comes out as products for Sukhothai FC such as bags, apparel, scarves, etc.

Dr. Anongwan gave an interview that he and everyone in Sukhothai FC are proud to be a part of this handicraft. Good things of Sukhothai people The loincloth is a local fabric that can be used for many purposes. But when it is designed by students of Dhurakij Pundit University, it increases the value of the product. make the villagers earn more The club Willing to help support the area to bring products of villagers to sell in the club’s shop. To increase sales channels to generate another income as well

“Sukhothai FC is proud to be a part of helping and give back to society by the players who represent the walk Presenting the work of students who bring fabric handicraft products Good things from Sukhothai come to design I am equally delighted to have the opportunity to repay the kindness of the Sukhothai people. that Sukhothai people join to support the spirit Sending encouragement to the army of players to fight the Thai League 2 every match.”

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