Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff “It will be difficult to defeat the Russian army this year”

US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley predicted on the 31st that it would be difficult for Ukrainian forces to expel Russian troops from their territory within this year.

Chairman Milley also said that it is necessary to refrain from talking about the possibility of a war between the United States and China, which has been mentioned often in the recent media and some experts, ‘overheating’.

Chairman Milley said this in an interview with Defense One, a US defense media outlet, in anticipation of major international security issues.

“I’m not saying it can’t be done, but it’s very difficult,” Milley said, referring to Ukrainian forces defeating the Russians.

“They fail tactically,” he said of the Russians.

In addition, fears of an alliance between China and Russia were deemed premature.

“There are some signs that there are negotiations[rhwng China a Rwsia]underway,” Milley said, “but it’s a completely different situation with the actual (material) alliance or army.”

Milley previously testified to the House Armed Services Committee on the 29th that the Russian military was being pushed back by the Ukrainian military due to poor training.

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In fact, the Russian military has not been able to make much progress on the battlefield in Ukraine recently.

There was mention that a ‘Spring Offensive’ would be carried out, but there is no large-scale campaign except for the eastern battlefield of Bahmut and the surrounding areas.

Russia is known to receive ammunition from North Korea due to a recent shortage of military supplies.

On the 30th, the White House released new information that Russia is funding Ukraine’s war resources in exchange for food and ammunition from North Korea.

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■ “Talk has become overheated about the possibility of war between the United States and China”

Meanwhile, Chairman Milley said in an interview on the day (31st) that the recent comments regarding the possibility of war between the United States and China need to be calmed down.

“It could happen,” Milley said of predictions that the US and China would clash militarily.

Conflicts can occur under any circumstances.

But “I don’t think we can put that possibility in the (realized) category right now,” Milley stressed.

Specifically, analysts who said a US-China war was inevitable said, “I think it’s very dangerous,” and “I don’t think war is inevitable.”

“I don’t think it (US-China war) is imminent,” he reiterated, “I think we have to be very pragmatic and prudent going forward.”

In addition, he added, “I think it should be more realistic and less emotional, and the same is true of China,” adding, “The United States should approach it with cold and cold realism. “

He added that “the rhetoric itself” referring to the US-China war could overheat the environment.

■ Weapons need to be sent to Taiwan quickly.

Regarding the situation in Taiwan, however, Milley stressed that the United States should send weapons as soon as possible to contain China.

Milley explained that Taiwan currently needs air defenses, anti-ship cruise missiles and anti-ship mines.

He said Taiwan is a “defense advantage” and “will be a very difficult island for (China) to occupy.”

This is VOA News Jongsu Oh.