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Chairs confiscated; Employees without seats | Pathanamthitta

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Pathanamthitta: The court confiscated the chairs of the sub-treasury office at the Mini Civil Station. The treasury office was in crisis as the staff could not find seats.

The action was taken in a case filed against Omanayamma for not getting the full amount of money acquired for the Kallada irrigation project 25 years ago at her house at Pandalam Thonnalloor Ravimangalam. The court also ordered him to pay Rs 76,384.75 after he complained that he had received less money but the compensation was less. The confiscation action was taken on a complaint filed following the non-receipt of this.

The court also ordered the confiscation of 10 chairs and 4 computers in the sub-treasury. Accordingly, the court officials reached at 11.30 am yesterday and confiscated the chairs. Computers were not taken. With the removal of the chairs, the staff could no longer sit and work. The staff stood and looked at the files.

English Summary: Chairs attached; employees without seats


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