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“Chaiyan” digs the news of the entrance exam leak in ’47, pointing out the mystery of the former prime minister’s son, scores soar

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Chaiyan digs up the news of the entrance exam in 2004, pointing out the mystery of the former prime minister’s son, scores soar

On October 29, Prof. Dr. Chaiyan Chaiyaporn, lecturer of the Faculty of Political Science, Chulalongkorn University posted a message on Facebook. Telling the case of the famous news The entrance exam was leaked in 2004, matching the results of the prime minister’s daughter at the time. significantly higher, indicating that

The mystery of inequality and injustice in education in 2004

The case of the 47 year entrance exam leaking

Praethongtarn amazing high score

When that Ent score is issued

The results of the exam of the Prime Minister’s daughter compared to the first stunned

Thai language from 52 to 72
Society from 41.25 to 67.5
English from 64 increased to 84
Mathematics 2 of 27 increased to 63

Prof. Lt. Col. Woradech Chantarasorn, Secretary-General of the Higher Education Commission Open the original envelope of the exam card. Thai language and Social studies subjects before submitting to the subcommittee for printing exams

The results of the entrance leak “Thaksin-Adisai” must be held accountable(14 June 2004)

Summary of the entrance leak Thaksin-Adisai must be held accountable

The leaked entrance exam for the university in the government is a huge stain on Thai education.

This caused the credibility of the entrance examination system that had been trusted for decades to be severely shaken.

Pol Lt. Col. Thaksin Shinawatra, Prime Minister, Mr. Adisai Photharamik, Minister of Education They confirmed that “The test is not leaking” including showing behavior to protect the wrong people all along.
When the fact-finding committee, Mr. Sumet Tantivejkul, was the chairman, concluded that “the test was leaked”.

The Democratic Party Research Center at that time saw that when the results came out like this Both Prime Minister Thaksin and Minister Adisai must inevitably take responsibility.
The results of the investigation committee slap “Thaksin-Adisai” in the face.

Previously, when a scandal Society raises suspicions about entrance exam leaks Because the behavior of some high-ranking government officials, especially Pol. Lt. Col. Woradech Chantarasorn, former secretary-general of the Office of the Higher Education Commission (NIA), was revealed to be not transparent. There is an open view of the exam or bring the exam to be kept in the office.

At that time, the students Parents and the general public were skeptical and called for an investigation into the matter as soon as possible.

But it turned out to be obstructed by all means, both directly and indirectly. especially Prime Minister Thaksin And the Minister of Foreign Affairs has denied.

and saw that there was no need to set up a committee to investigate the facts in any way

They also sometimes come out and say that the scandal is a political game or that some groups want to create a trend to discredit the government only.

However, when the social trend began to pressure more and more. Causing the government to be unable to resist the current trend, Pol Capt. Woradet was transferred to be the Secretary-General of the Education Council. Instead of setting up an investigative committee to find out the facts to relieve doubts with society. Or still have a merit award according to the Office of the Civil Service Commission (OCSC) to add 2 more levels

In the end, when it was inevitable, he had to appoint a committee to investigate the facts.

and later concluded that “the test was leaked”

It also stated that the actions of Pol. Lt. Col. Woradech were not in compliance with the Rules on Government Secrets B.E. 2544, Article 30.

Because the investigation report also clearly pointed out that Pol.Lt. Col. Woradet was the one who opened the exam envelope and changed the place where the exam was kept twice.

Such behavior of Pol.Lt.C.Woradej, the Fact Investigation Committee also stated that There is a ground that should be accused of violating discipline. The base of government service is not in accordance with government regulations and resolutions.

The Cabinet did not comply with the official rules and customs under Section 85 and Section 91 of the Civil Service Regulations Act B.E.
So. When the investigation report came out contrary to the attitudes and assertions of the top government executives.

Society therefore wants to know How will these two people take responsibility?

“Adisai challenges society, ‘cut off’ the results of the entrance exam leak”

Many parties noted that What motivates Pol. Lt. Col. Woradet and Deputy Minister Adisai to dare to show defiant behavior to society all along?

However, if you look back on the past, it can be immediately linked from the words of Prime Minister Thaksin. He said that he would allow Mr Adisai to serve as a minister for four years.
This is considered insurance for the chair in advance. Makes many parties understand that this may be a major reason why Minister Adisai is not interested in society too much.

Moreover, at this time, what society still doubts and dissatisfies is An attempt to distort the conclusions of the fact-finding committee from Mr Adisai Photharamik, who previously released a partial report on the investigation’s findings, summed it up to two out of 15.
Mr Adisai’s remarks caused many parties, including Mr Sumet, to express their disappointment, saying: Mr. Adisai tried “Excerpts” the results of the investigation.

The same “carrying” behavior from top executives of the Ministry of Education continues.

Especially in the case that Mr. Adisai appoints Mr. Weerasak Wongsombat, secretary-general of the Vocational Education Commission, who is a member of the Ministry of Education, to be the chairman of the disciplinary investigation, Pol Lt. Col. Woradet, instead of the Office of the Civil Service Commission. (OCSC) as an investigator under the recommendation of the Fact Investigation Committee

The behavior of Mr. Adisai said, in addition to indicating that he did not want the truth to be sought in the case of a leaked test. Including the attitude to protect the offender clearly as mentioned.
It also reflects a lack of understanding in education and educational administration.

In this case, legal scholars noted that In the event that the Fact Investigation Committee stated that Pol.Lt. Col. Woradet had a serious disciplinary offense But Mr. Adisai stated that Just a disciplinary offense or in the case of a serious disciplinary examination, a C 11 civil servant must, in principle, be suspended from a serious disciplinary examination before In addition, the person in charge of the investigation must not be a subordinate or a stakeholder.

Academics from the Faculty of Education Chulalongkorn University, such as Mr. Amornwit Nakornthap, even directly stated on June 6, 2004 that the reason why Mr. Adisai refused to disclose all investigation reports showed that There are mysteries and the truth is definitely distorted to the public.
“People’s organizations don’t let the wrong people go unnoticed.”

From the aforementioned behavior of the Ministry of Education, the movement of many people’s organizations is moving in two ways:

The first approach is to submit a request to the Office of the Government Information Commission for a decision and order. Mr. Adisai disclosed the report on the results of the investigation of facts under the Government Information Act.

The second approach will take social measures by writing a letter to Mr. Adisai Ask to send a report on the results of the investigation. OCSC to conduct serious disciplinary investigations with Pol.Lt.C.Woradej

because that Mr. Adisai has a stake in him, so he has no right to set up an investigation committee.

It will also consult with the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC).

Can you go in and check the facts? and if at the end there is no progress It will use table measures to hunt down the names of Pol. Lt. Col. Woradet to resign from government service and to expel Mr. Adisai from his position as Minister of Education.

The social movements that emerged at the time reflected growing dissatisfaction with the government’s perverse behavior.

The case of “Entrance Exam Leak” is just one example of what happened in that government.

Importantly, the wrongdoing and defense of this action were caught up in the chase. with the results of the investigation by the committee set up by the Ministry of Education

Therefore, the Minister of Education and the Prime Minister at that time Ignorance does not show any responsibility. Like other cases It’s something society can’t accept.

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