Chaiyawut orders tougher online crime control, controls Forex-3D fraud / pony sharing Withdrawal via app

DES Minister Chaiyawut meets with the Cyber ​​Police, the SEC and the Bank of Thailand to summarize the solutions to online crime problems, 3 issues that are most common now, including Forex-3D scams / Ponzi schemes. and was sucked up via a mobile app Prepare to use a social listening system, sweeping suspicious web/social names, forward them to SEC and Bank of Thailand for review If the license is found not to be obtained, it will proceed with r use of the Computer Crime Act to block it immediately, hoping to prevent damage early.

21 September 2022 – Chaired Mr. Chaiwut Thanakmanusorn, Minister of Digital Economy and Society (DES), meeting of the Committee on Prevention, Prevention and Solving Online Crime No. 4/2022 by the Committee on Prevention, Prevention and Solving Online Crime No. 4/2022 as it is being considered with the relevant agencies, such as Police Headquarters Crime Investigation Technology (Ed. PHOT) or Police Cyber. Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Bank of Thailand (BOT), etc., to find solutions to the problem of the most common online crimes, such as foreign exchange / currency speculation through online platforms ( Forex-3D). ) Scam or Pyramid Clicking the link will cause the money to be transferred out of the account, etc.

The answer was summarized as follows: 1. Website or social media. Which advertises or invites investment, trading, trading / speculation in foreign currency (FX) is an offense under the Foreign Exchange Control Act. Bank of Thailand (BOT) because this business is under the supervision of the Bank of Thailand and is licensed, while currently there is no license. To operate a currency exchange business on an online/social platform, therefore, if this behavior is detected, it is illegal.

In addition, in cases where some websites Or social media, there are advertisements, fraudulent solicitation of investments or tricking people into depositing money in foreign currency. Solicitation to sell/speculate on foreign currency (FX) by promising unusually high returns is considered an offence. Fraudulent Public Loan Act

2. Web/Social Investment Scams From discussions with SEC representatives, it was confirmed that the SEC only has regulatory powers for the “securities” authorized by law. The latest includes digital assets as well. As with other asset cases, such as the “Turtle Farm” mushroom farm case, which is one of the top cyber police cases at the moment, the SEC will not be able to supervise. can use the power of a Royal Decree on Lending Due to the behavior of inviting investment and having a high substitution effect

“From discussions with all parties together today Preventive measures for the above two problems have also been completed: The Ministry of Digital Affairs will use a social listening system to collect web/social names. with conduct inviting to invest in FX or invest in securities To be sent to the BOT and the SEC to verify whether they are licensed operators or not. and if found to be illegal on the web/social proceed with the process of co-ordinating the court order to shut down those websites/social media immediately by the Computer Crime Act authority,” said Mr Chaiwut.

Then proceed with the research and investigation process. by looking to be able to prevent the damage early before many people believe and caused a huge loss of money and fraudulent 3. money from the account through a mobile app, which has been checked with the BOT and found that there is a real cause Because the victim trusts him, click to open the link sent by the crooks via mobile phone. Make him control the mobile from a distance (remote control) by the Crooks to see the information displayed on the victim’s mobile screen, causing the OTP to hack the code used in online transactions. and can transfer money from the account through the app

Currently, the Bank of Thailand has notified all commercial banks. To improve the mobile banking system to immediately turn off the money transfer system when the mobile phone number is found to be remotely hacked.Currently, there are 2 banks that have already improved, Kasikorn Bank and Krung Bank Thai Therefore, I would like to ask for cooperation with other commercial banks. Also speed up the update.

“I would also like to send a warning to those people Any app update on mobile Go directly to the update from the App Store (iPhone mobile) or Play Store (Android mobile) Don’t bother pressing the update from the link was sent. This is to prevent connections from scammers. to hack data from mobile phones,” said Mr Chaiwut.

The CCA Minister added that there had been online investment scams in the past. Using social channels to attract investments Influencers are used, celebrities, celebrities who have a lot of followers. cause widespread public interest and make people believe to come together to invest until widespread damage In order to prevent problems, if the SEC, the Bank of Thailand, or any other agency encounters this type of fraudulent behavior, there is illegal money from the public. hurry to check Collect evidence and send it to the Ministry of Digital Affairs. in order to speed up the siege before causing trouble to the people in general

Police Colonel Ekanirut Wansiriphak, Director of Election Commission 2, Editor-in-Chief of SorTor.1, said that the current investment scam In some large cases, such as Turtle Farm, a mushroom farm in Sakon Nakhon There is real mushroom farming. Invitation to see the farm Use celebrities to build credibility. Paying real returns in the early stages But when more people come to invest, there will be problems or stop paying investors back. The behavior of the chain is shared. so he warned that If you find a solicitation that offers exaggerated high returns, do not be deceived, because such a profitable investment is not real.

“From the example of the cases we are responsible for at the moment. Found out that most of them cheat investors for only 5-6 months, they have billions of baht in turnover. it will be much more damaging we already have a surveillance process If anyone comes across fraudulent investment behavior Please let us know in 1441,” said Pol Col Ekanirut.

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