“Chaiyawut” promises “DES” to go alone, to solve the law together, repeating Forex 3D after “SEC” indifferently

“Chaiwut” Seng “SEC” Allegations that he is not in power to control Forex 3D Asked to cheat the people Tens of millions of dollars. Not worried at all?

In the Government House, Mr.Chaiwut Thanakmanusorn Minister for the Digital Economy and Society (DES) gave an interview about the Securities and Exchange Commission case (SEC) he came out to explain the case Forex 3D that deceives people to invest It is not in the jurisdiction of SEC that he feels sorry after hearing it. because there must be an agency that oversees this matter allows the establishment of a company and creates a strategy to invest profits from the people. Thousands and tens of millions of money are raised. deceive peopleDamage like this needs no supervision at all?

The reporter asked ifLegal loopholesor not, and which agency should be in charge? Nachaiwut said that he will organize a board meeting Fight online crime By coming to speak that If they can come and open a company to cheat people through social media and networks without asking permission like this, it means that Thai law is not current.close the websiteand these channels need to increase the power of the CCA Administration If the SEC will not do it, it will do it itself. the Computer Crime Act needs to be amended

Mr Chaiwut said he confirms that the SEC must supervise.investmentInvestments must be approved by the SEC Must be registered to ensure investor confidence and security. But if there is an investment in a fraudulent manner open a companywithout the permission of the SEC if the SEC sees or has notified The SEC must notify the public must work proactively educate people Not the people who were damaged in the tens of billions. According to the refund can’t be like this. And if the SEC doesn’t do it, it has to find another agency to do it.

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