Home Entertainment “Chakrit” adjusts the look of Uncle Sue Rak, opening the scene of “The Messenger Cupid in the wrong queue” : Maya Channel

“Chakrit” adjusts the look of Uncle Sue Rak, opening the scene of “The Messenger Cupid in the wrong queue” : Maya Channel

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Introduced and invited to smile with the look of the uncle of the media. Love each other for “Chakrit Yamnam” with the role of Q Cupid, a handsome young man who is losing faith from the old course of love in the drama “The Messenger. Cupid is wrong. Q” on PP TV Channel 36

But before escaping from heaven to live a human life, his duty is making human mars and Venus Man orbiting to meet on the planet Earth With a thick heavenly command called Destiny, which this scene is another duty of the queue that is like a media of love for people on earth to get to know each other closer to the events that he created to convey love for both of them to love each other.

In this scene, Chakrit has to dress up as a clumsy old uncle who accidentally dropped something and suddenly a young couple came to help. causing this young couple to fall in love with each other by no coincidence Because this is the duty of Cupid in the shape of an uncle. that framed around the circle, the two orbited to meet

This scene was chosen to be filmed at a train station. Before filming, Chakrit spent hours transforming with a mustache, makeup, and hair to achieve the look of a kind uncle who had a common sense. When everything was ready, the director immediately set up the camera to shoot. Chakrit was able to wear his uncle’s spirit very smoothly, walking, picking up various things, becoming Uncle Phaengsornrak for young people without even a single hint.

I can tell you that it’s another scene where the young Chakrit plays the most charming. With the look of Cupid, this uncle trend You can watch this scene on Monday, November 1, from 21.30 – 22.45, on PPTV HD, Channel 36 and can watch online or retrospectively. no break breaks Available at the WeTV application and the website www.WeTV.vip only.


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