“Chalermchai” announces victory in the election of MPs in District 6 Songkhla

Democratic Party secretary Announcement of victory in the election of MPs for District 6 Songkhla. Thank you for all the votes. Identify the coalition government, not discord Confident that the next election, the Democratic Party will return

The result of the election of MPs for the district 6 Songkhla on January 16, 2022, Miss Supaporn Kamendaphol, a candidate from the Democratic Party, got 33,819 votes, Mr. Anukul Pruksanusak The candidate from the Pracharat Party received 31,539 votes.

Democrat secretary-general Chalermchai Sri-on announced victory for Ms Supaporn Kamendaphol and said there would be no discord with the Palang Pracharat Party. as a coalition government because the adults have already said that there is nothing When the election is over, it’s over. Because various policies in the past are considered the work of the government together.

The results of the elections in both districts indicated that the southerners continue to give the Democratic Party a chance in the future This may be due to the closeness of the people. and a large area of ​​farmers policies that make farmers benefit Ready to be confident in adjusting the democratic elections to come back to dominate the hearts of the people of the South

In the case of corruption in the elections in Chumphon And there are accusations against Democrats, Mr Chalermchai said that the process must be followed and not worried. However, the Pracharat Party has not yet spoken. but saw that they were all friends and brothers Let’s go eat together.

Ms. Supaporn thanked everyone for giving them the opportunity. intends to visit the area to thank from the heart

The contract will work for the people. will be in the area for the people’s brothers and sisters

Dej-it Khaothong, deputy party leader I admit that I’ve never been this tired. because of the full mobilization But I feel relieved in the thinking potential of Songkhla people who pay attention to the policy. Therefore, we are always confident that the Songkhla brothers and sisters Has a political idea that is not inferior to other provinces

The next general election The party had to adjust itself in many matters. because of the time to change the potential change decision Each election is not the same.

Policy in the south is necessary for people to see the direction of what to do. Therefore, the results of the next election must be discussed in the next round. but confident in the people that it has started to come back After some people feel dissatisfied or disappointed with the Democrats

Today, everyone came back to support the Democratic Party. So the next round is more confident than ever.

Mr. Dech-it would like to thank the people of Songkhla who cheered, especially many people in District 6, who were worried about whether they could fight or not. How hard will it be bullied? But in the end, the brothers gave their trust and democracy.




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