‘Chalermchai’ gave a big speech in Songkhla, saying that he was the party secretary and did not take his family as a criterion to run for the House of Representatives.

‘Chalermchai’ gave a big speech in Songkhla to help ‘Nong Perfume’ assures the UDD never told the people. Must choose rich people. He said that as party secretary, he did not use his family as a criterion to run for the House of Representatives.

At 19.00 on January 14, at the speech stage at Ban Khlong Ngae School, Phangla Subdistrict, Sadao District, the Democrat Party opened a keynote speech for the election of the Songkhla MPs, District 6, to help Songsuthaphon, a candidate for party led by Mr. Chalermchai Sri-on, Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives As party secretary, Niphon Boonyamanee, Deputy Interior Minister, as the deputy party leader, Mr. Suchatwee Suwansawat or Dr. Ae, the candidate for the Bangkok governor. with faculty

By Mr. Chalermchai speaking that he would like to say at the outset that do not get bored of politics because today if you listen to Khaosan, listen to things, you will feel that politics is dirty. But I believe that not every party not cover everyone Therefore, you must pay attention to politics. The selection of representatives is the starting point for politics. It is the starting point that will lead the country to walk beside the fields. Choosing the wrong representative 1 time, you have to decide again. 4 years. Choosing the representative on January 16 is wrong once. You have to wait another year. If so, why do you have to make the wrong decision? If you don’t want to make the wrong decision, “Nong Perfume” is the best choice.

“The Democratic Party has been in existence for 76 years. There are farmers, peasants, leaders, rich people, millionaires, people of all races and ancestry. But I have never said that people’s brothers and sisters have to choose only those who have money. people with family For me, the day I became the secretary-general of the Democratic Party came on stage to give a speech in Songkhla. This is the second time Date Mr. Niphon Apply for Mr. Kobjong Today I am the party secretary for the first time. Until today I came to the stage to give another speech. came in the status of party secretary but the second time I would like to say that today our Democratic Party is changing, representatives, candidates who will represent the party. The day I was the party secretary be a party executive I didn’t take the family criterion as a precursor. because I think your representative must have more At the very least, there must be a political conscience. etiquette not to mention Not enough in this era It must have a political spirit. There is a spirit of people as representatives, not money. People with money have family and family. It’s not wrong. But there is not enough qualifications to be a representative because the representative has to be with the people to know the suffering and happiness of the people. Therefore, money alone is not enough, it requires your heart, your feelings, your conscience,” said Mr. Chalermchai.

Mr Chalermchai said that today democracy is changing. There are some people of some parties Said that today the Southern brothers and sisters are tired of democracy. because MPs rarely visit the area MPs are not with the people. He taught the brothers and sisters in Songkhla that Today he is the party secretary. people who do not take the people the person who left the area Don’t just be a member of the House of Representatives. The applicant is not because he didn’t qualify from the first time Therefore, the person who represents suffering and happiness must be with the people. It’s not suffering. You take it. Happiness. We can’t take it like this. that they need to be the subject because scholars say that it is a logical disaster make politics worse and worse He was a politician and didn’t want that to happen. Therefore, the people of Sadao and Khlong Ngae have to help prevent this from happening. because there is no greater voice than the voice of the people to lead the way in which politics will go in the future Let’s help make history by creating Songkhla’s first female MP. Come help them change the Democrats. and lead the Democrats forward Take Democrats to take care of brothers and sisters in all 14 provinces.


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