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“Chame” prepares to enter the market in the CLMV countries, aiming for the second half of the year’s revenue growth of 40%

Date 31 May 2022 time 10:49

“Chame” aims to drive revenue in the second half to grow approximately 40% from new product sales, reinforcing its leadership in the market for health and beauty supplements, both internally and externally, truly complete. Prepare to enter the market in CLMV countries

Miss Nanthanicha Siripreedawat Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Charming World International Co., Ltd. revealed that the company has marketed dietary supplements in the category of Beauty, Health and Skincare with Cosmetics. The business started to market in 2010 to distribute dietary supplements. which over the past 12 years until today food supplement products under the company is growing steadily can meet the needs of consumers until becoming a brand that consumers are interested in and being talked about all the time

From the study of data in 2022, the overall food supplement market in Thailand will be worth 30,530 million baht, growing from 2021 at 6.7%, consistent with the results of an analysis from Grand View Research, indicating that although 15% of all collagen will be used in the field of beauty But in fact, collagen also helps with the health of various rheumatic systems in the body. And from the study of consumer behavior of “Chame” customers, it was found that the problem of popular beauty that caused women’s concerns. or loss of self-confidence, including problems with skin, acne, eyes, hair, nails, body weight, and joints which is caused by the main factor both weather and toxic pollution accumulated stress from work not enough rest including living on a screen, staring at the screen for a long time in order to meet the needs of consumers covering all problems

Ms. Nanthanicha said that from the growing trend of the Beauty & Skincare market that continues to grow actively The skin care market in Thailand in the next 5 years will be worth approximately 140,000 million baht. New within Charming World’s network is “DE CHARM” (De Charme), both a line of skin care and makeup skin care. to support market demand with high-end, high-quality products at an affordable price Produced and imported from Korea They are known to be experts in highly effective skincare. We have done research for up to 2 years to get the best in terms of extracts and meet the needs of Thai people’s skin. With the value of natural extracts BIO PINK OIL, pink yeast discovered in the Atacama Desert, Chile, exclusive to DE CHARM, rich in antioxidants. Helps restore skin both internally and externally perfectly under the Brand Concept “the best of beautiful skin”

Chief Executive Officer He added that at present, “Chame” is still expanding channels to foreign countries. Able to generate sales as a percentage of 10% of the total sales of the company. especially the CLMV countries such as Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, especially Myanmar. with a lot of customer demand and is expanding to the Vietnamese market At the same time, it has focused on building strength and credibility for the brand, such as organizing live sales activities. on Taobao website Lazada website and the Thai Trade event in China to jointly drive sales to grow effectively as targeted as well as expanding new distribution channels in foreign markets which in the future aims to expand more markets in the Philippines and Indonesia in the future

“In terms of marketing strategy We want to expand the product line to cover and answer all skin problems. We focus on developing outstanding innovative products. There is research to support and see real results. in order to strengthen the company more and pulling actors and actresses to create wider awareness build confidence Confidently reach consumers As for distribution channels, we will cover both Modern trade, leading cosmetic stores across the country, focusing more on E-Commerce. More than 80% of marketing strategies will be on the Online Platform, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok. The company is confident that the 3 products The main group is the skin care group. food supplement group and cosmetic group under Charming World It will be accepted by consumers very well,” said Ms. Nanthanicha.

However, from the aforementioned marketing strategy The company aims to drive total revenue in the second half of the year to grow approximately 40% from new product sales. and new brands in the skincare and cosmetic groups More from the food supplement group and the body care product group that the company already has a strong customer base. At the same time, the company continues to strive to produce useful and efficient products. and develop new innovations that strengthen the body for consumers to be beautiful and healthy Both outside and inside, as “CHAMÉ” has set its aspiration is “Beautify your charm shine”, beautiful in your own style. Ready to continue to build a strong brand and become the leader of the ASEAN collagen brand in the next 3-5 years as well



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