CHAN ALGERIA 2022: Four teams close to continental crowning

The posters for the semi-finals of the African Nations Championship (CHAN) Algeria 2022 have been known since the evening of the quarter-finals played on Friday 27 and Saturday 28 January 2023. And in this sense, the amazing Baréa of Madagascar will have to deal with the solid Teranga Lions from Senegal while the Mena from Niger will challenge the Fennecs from Algeria with their excited public. No one could have foreseen these scenarios from the start of the tournament. And yet, it happened and these teams have all the merit of appearing in the semi-finals, in view of their career. Already, we can say that the CHAN will have a new champion, since none of these teams at this meeting of the semi-finals, has yet climbed on the roof of the continent. One of the formations that has caused a strong sensation so far is that of Madagascar which, in group matches, dominated Ghana by 2 goals to 1 and Sudan by 3 goals to 0 before putting an end to to the hopes of Mozambique beaten by 3 goals to 1 during the quarter-finals. Who will have done better at this stage of the competition with a total of 8 goals scored against 2 conceded? How far will these Baréa stop, so much these islanders, currently euphoric, seem to have not finished surprising by mastering their subject and knowing how to produce the game? The Lions of Senegal are therefore warned and have every interest in being suspicious. Out leaders of their group after two victories and a defeat before defeating Mauritania in the quarter-finals, the Senegalese, considered one of the favorites of this CHAN, have not yet said their last word.

Two other teams have the same ambitions to reach the top step of the podium and many of them see the Fennecs of Algeria appear at this level.

This CHAN is spotlighting National Championships

Supported by a more than passionate and chauvinistic public, the Algerians achieve a flawless performance, aligning victory after victory and are not ready to stop in such a good way. A team made to win the holy grail, this is what seems to be taking shape for this Algerian formation which is as if inhabited by an extra soul which leads it to surpass itself as was the case against Côte d’Ivoire. Indeed, she had to draw on her last energies to overcome this opponent in the final minutes of a match played to the end. But in football, nothing is won in advance. Because, to obtain the continental crown, the Algerians will have to cross the obstacle of the Mena of Niger. Nigeriens who will sell their skin dearly when we know that they are the ones who managed to eliminate the Cameroonians in the group matches while the latter were considered favorites after the first matches of the competition. Before bringing the Ghanaians to heel who are having difficulty digesting their debacle in the quarter-finals for having been dominated by the Mena by 2 goals to 0. Even if the evidence is real for the Mena, that this semi-final will be very difficult against at Les Fennecs, a glimmer of hope hovers in the minds of Nigeriens. Semi-finals that promise and already, this CHAN, a competition reserved for players playing in their local championship, is in the process of highlighting the national championships. From edition to edition, the different countries are beginning to take the measure of its importance.


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