‘Chan’ wins the Blue Canyon Phuket Championship

Sunday, November 28, 2021, 5:26 p.m.

Chan Chi-Chang, Taiwanese young man Hit the last day, another 4 under par 68, a total of four days, 18 under par 270, surpassing the 2021 Asian Tour Phuket Series championship “Blue Canyon Phuket Championship”, winning a total prize money of US $ 1 million or approximately 33 million baht at the Blue Canyon Country Club, Canyon Course, distance 7,257 yards, par 72, Phuket province on November 28, by slashing victory over Sodom Kaewkanjana and Kim Joo Hyung from South Korea. just one stroke

The last day of the competition, it appears that Pro Petch 1 -Sodom Kaewkanjana still set a record for himself in the race for 20 rounds, never scoring over par, even a single round, hitting 5 under par 67 after scoring. The 16th hole is equal to Chan Chi-Cheng, the former King’s Cup champion in 2016 from Chinese Taipei at 18 under each, reaching the par-3 17th hole, both of them able to keep par. But Pong lost a bogey at hole 18 from a drive that slipped on the left of the fairway. Takes a second shot to land on the green on the left. Doing three online down the hill Remaining distance of the flag pole Then made another two putts while Chan collected a total of four days, finishing 17-under par 271, holding the runner-up with 19-year-old South Korean star Kim Juyung. Received a prize money of $ 86,500 each, or about 2,854,500 baht, while Chan won the championship in Thailand as the second item with a total score of 18 under par 270, receiving a prize money of $ 180,000, or about 6 million baht.

Chan Chi-Cheng, 35, revealed after becoming the first Asian Tour champion in 19 months, “I’ve always felt good to compete in Thailand. Feel more comfortable and less stressful than playing at home. This is my third win on the Asian Tour and my second since my son was eight months old. I think the son brings good luck. Today’s game, the first nine holes, I didn’t hit very well. Lose three putts by two bogeys. But made an eagle on hole 9, which was a turning point that gave me the opportunity to do well in the next holes, and when I got a birdie at hole 13, the result was more confident and got 3 more birdies stuck until the 16th hole. The last hole has the same score. I told myself that I had to focus more. I think if the drive goes on the fairway it will put more pressure on the speaker. But it hit out to fall on the left Gruff. like a column At that time, I told myself that I still had a chance if I hit it on and on and I could do it. The column itself is in a difficult lipatt. Shots weren’t easy. I am very pleased that this has been accomplished.”
Sodom Kaewkanjana said, “Today’s game is considered valid. It’s in good shape by my standards. Getting the first birdie at hole 7 gives us more confidence. After that, there was a chance to win many birdies. As for the last hole, I intended to hit it to the left but it was a bit deep. This hole, however, has to be hit to the left to give it an easier chance of hitting the green. The second shot was pretty good. to the left of the green But the ball over there was a bit difficult to play. did the best In fact, before the race, the goal is to pass the cut first. The next two days, he tried to be in the top ten. The second ending was quite satisfying. exceeded the expected target get more experience The next target next week is the Laguna race. Try to do your best and play the same.”

Fourth place was shared by South Korea’s Kim Bio, US’s Barry Henson, Australia’s Scott Hend and US’s Kim Shihwan, who each scored 16-under-par 272 each for 38,200. US dollars, approximately 1.2 million baht.
Pro Petch 2 -Pachara Kongwatmai, 22, from Songkhla, is another Thai golfer who finished in the top ten with Weir Ahlawat of India with a total score of 14 under par 274. The prize is $ 22,950 per person, approximately 757,350 baht at the award ceremony, honored by Mr. Chaturon Snowthong, Vice President of the Asian Tour, congratulated Chan Chee-Cheng, next week will be the Asian Tour Phuket Series competition. S. Laguna Phuket Championship on 2-5 December at Laguna Golf Club, Phuket.



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