Chan-won Lee went to Dae-hyung Lee’s house and was surprised. Why? (‘Andahaeng’)

[마이데일리 = 고향미 기자] Trot singer Chan-won Lee revealed the secret to managing the beauty of baseball player Dae-hyung Lee.

Chan-won Lee appeared on the afternoon of the 25th on MBC’s ‘I’m glad we don’t fight’ (hereafter ‘Andahaeng’).

On this day’s broadcast, Lee Dae-hyung washed his face as soon as he got up.

Boom, who was watching this in the studio, explained, “I’m going to wash my face because there is another ranking of looks,” and Chan-won Lee said, “I care a lot about looks. Lee Dae-hyung,” he said.

Chan-won Lee continued, “I was surprised when I went to Dae-hyung Lee’s house. Usually men use skin, lotion, or an all-in-one, right? Wow…there are a dozen or so cosmetics on the vanity.”

Then Boom added, “You even used serum,” and Chan-won Lee added, “I put on all the eye cream and moisture cream,” adding to the surprise.

On the other hand, ‘It’s Good If We Don’t Fight’ is a full-fledged ‘Hold My Hand’ (I eat my hand) program in which the best friends of the entertainment industry, who went to the extreme real wild, live the life of a natural person.

[사진 = MBC ‘안싸우면 다행이야’ 방송 캡처]

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