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Chananan Sudble, the best footballer, invaded Khon Kaen 3-0, leading up to the FA Cup

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Chananan Pombupha shows a score of 2 Tung, leading “the gods” True Bangkok United softly “The Rex” Khon Kaen FC 3-0 into the round of 32 teams in the Chang FA battle. Wed 2021

Chang FA Cup 2021/22 round 64, True Bangkok United team visits Khon Kaen FC, the 15th team of the M-150 Championship. This game, the football team has no Manuel Tom Bie. Yorah, Anthony Carter, who has injuries and has multiple rotations, Santiphap Yamsaen, Nantawat Kokfai and Jesakorn Khaongam are on the field as 11 starting players for the football team. deity for the first time

As for the home side, use the reserve players to compete in this tournament. By the last meeting in the Chang FA Cup 2014, the footballers came to win 1-0.

Started the game for 4 minutes as the host almost got a goal to lead Chonlakan Chuanprasart, got a single ball falling into the penalty area, but Warut still came out to block it in the 6th minute. At Rungrat, flowing through the channel, Nattawut slipped to the right, but was saved by Teerasak.

The 8th minute was Nattawut’s chance again to have the opportunity to repeat Thitiphan’s shot. The ball was straight on Teerasak, then the gods came to break the first goal successfully in the 16th minute from the moment Anon had the ball slipped to offer. Let Chananan Pombobpha shine brightly and do not miss it.

In the 36th minute, the home team almost equalized. Kittichai Yomkot scored a free kick in front of the penalty area with the right. The ball hits the crossbar behind him. Before the end of the first half, True Bangkok United invaded Khon Kaen FC 1-0 from Chananan Pombupha’s goal.

Returning in the second half in the 56th minute, the gods plus the second score successfully, Thitiphan got the ball in the penalty area before cutting back to Nattawut Suksum, clearing the net, in the 60th minute, the gods fled to 3-0 Anon paid. For Chananan, catch one stroke before hitting with the right, don’t miss It is the second goal of the two in this game.

Then no more doors. At the end of the match, True Bangkok United defeated Khon Kaen FC 3-0 from two goals from Chananan Pombupha and another goal from Nattawut Suksum, through to the round of 32 teams.

List of players for both teams

Khon Kaen FC: Teerasak Songklang (GK), Nattawut Srimongkol (Paradon Chaisiwamongkol, 17th), Thanakorn Singkhon, Burin Wongsrikao, Sahasawan Asachana (C), Natee Thon Kenwan (Supakrit Thongthavee, n. 46), Kittichai Yomkot, Chonlakan Chueanprasart (Christmas Khun Chaiwong, n. 62), Nattawut Ajdej (Prinya Kavidi, n. 33), Issara Udom, Shinawatra Phothipat (Nikom Bokkham No. 62)

True Bangkok United: Warut Mekmusik (GK), Chakkrit Vejpirom, Santiphap Yamsaen, Everton Goncalves (C) (Mika Chunuansri p.66) , Jetsakorn Khao-ngam, Nantawat Kokfai, Thitiphan Phuangchan (Pasakorn Biewthungnoi, p.66), Rungrat Phumchanthuk, Chananan Pombuppha (Wander Luiz n. 76), Anon Amornlertsak (Deviate Limwansathien n.66), Nattawut Suksum


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