Chance of rain in Kuwait; A warning was given

Meteorologists have predicted rain in Kuwait on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Light rain is expected in different parts of the country on Tuesday. The authorities also said that the public should be careful due to the weather warning.

The weather forecaster, Badr Al Amira, said that as the country enters the cold season, unstable weather will form in the coming days. The southern region of the country including Jahra will experience more rain. The country can receive up to 22 mm of rain during these days. The heavy rainfall is a result of the low pressure Sudan that formed in the country.

Badr Al Amira also said that the air temperature will drop significantly in the following days. The temperature will drop to 12 degrees Celsius at night and 15 to 20 degrees Celsius during the afternoon, the Meteorological Center said.

Wind will blow in a north-westerly direction with a speed of more than 35 km per hour. As a result of the warning, the Ministry of Home Affairs has asked people to be extremely careful when driving. Officials also suggested that those in need of emergency assistance should contact the Ministry’s helpline number 112.

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