Chang says that Bourdain honors new Netflix honors

Chang says that Bourdain honors new Netflix honors

According to David Chang, host of “Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner”, he understands why critics are comparing with the work of his late friend and colleague Anthony Bourdain.

The Netflix series offers food and travel together with famous guests.

Chang says that they wanted to “respect and pay homage” with Bourdain but try to make their new series “different show”.

Bourdain was renowned for using cooking traditions as a storytelling tool to explore cultures in his CNN series, “Parts Unknown.” He killed himself in 2018.

Perhaps the most diverse thing about the new Netflix Chang series is the sweet and occasional salty chef.

The first four episodes of a pair of Chang, Lunch & Dinner 'Chang with Chrissy Teigen in Marrakesh, Kate McKinnon in Phnom Penh, Seth Rogen in Vancouver and Lena Winned in Los Angeles.

Michael Cidoni Lennox, The Associated Press

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