CHANGE2018 joins forces with WeTV to host a good time to worship Mia Luang, a big project for the end of the year

CHANGE2018 joins hands with WeTV, hosting a good time, organizing a sacrifice ceremony for Mia Luang, a big project for the end of the year, Tak-New-Pim, together with an army of actors to win a lot

CHANGE2018 joined WeTV to organize a ceremony to worship the legendary drama from the WeTV ORIGINALS project “Mia Luang”, a fine composition by Kritsana Asokesin, led by Khun Kanokporn Prachyaseth, Country Manager of WeTV. Along with a very skilled producer, Mr. Chod Saithip Montrikul Na Ayudhya, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr. S. Worarit Waiyajiannai, Deputy Managing Director of CHANGE2561 Co, Ltd along with director Nui-Sutthasit and an army of actors led by Tak Bongkot, New Wongsakorn, Pim Pimprapa, Art Pasut, Janis Janista, Tai Chutima, Sani Nipaporn and child actors CHANGE2561 Sirinat, Pang Pond Akarawut for promising victory in the court in front of the Grammy GMM building before going on the screen to watch the first episode with a quality guarantee Complete every emotion completely with Mia Luang, the hot version of authentic Thai style for the first time. Starting on December 14th, the fireworks of the bang are expected to be broadcast!!! In China, the two in Chinese subtitles, Chinese dubbed through Tencent Video and Youku platforms, can watch “Mia” together around the world every Wednesday – Thursday at 8:00 PM. VIP members can watch more than 2 EPs. At https:// Via the WeTV application only

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