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There were multiple large transfers on Ethereum last night. For example, V God, the founder of Ethereum, transferred 40,000 ETH to an unknown wallet, Sun Yuchen, the founder of Tron, also transferred 58 million BUSD, and a huge whale withdrew 42,000 stETH from Aave V2.
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byMultiple large value transfers occurred on the Ethereum chain yesterday (24th), and the address of one transaction was identified as VB 3 by Etherscan, believed to be a multi-signature wallet created by Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin (V Code). ;It comes from the direction of Justin Sun (Sun Yuchen), the founder of Tron, and many giant whales.

Buterin transfers $48 million worth of ETH

According to Etherscan data,0x22 at the beginningThe wallet identified as VB3 sent an unknown address (0xD0…) transferred out 40,000 ETH, or about $48 million.

Screenshot of Etherscan transaction hash details

After the transfer is completed, there are currently 250,000 ETH in the VB3 address, which is about 300 million US dollars. The receiving address (0xD0…) holds 64,301 ETH, which is about 77 million US dollars; it is not clear what is the reason for this transaction, but the records on the chain found that V god also about half a year ago sent to this wallet Injected 30,000 ETH.

The VB3 wallet address currently holds 250,000 $ETH
Get a total of 70,000 ETH from the VB3 wallet

TRON founder Justin Sun transferred 58 million BUSD

Another thing worth noting is that the data on the chain found that Sun Yuchen, the founder of Tron, made a number of large value transactions yesterday (24) night. First, he withdrew 50 million BUSD from the Binance hot wallet, and then he withdrew 7.4 million BUSD from the Ethereum AAVE lending project.

Transaction records of the address identified as Justin Sun at 9:00 pm yesterday

Subsequently, the address transferred a total of approximately 58 million BUSD to Paxos. Currently, the ether address identified as Justin Sun still has about $50 million in assets, and Justin Sun did not publicly explain the reason for the transfer before the deadline. But Lookonchain monitoringthoughtSun has exchanged BUSD into fiat currency.

Transferred 58 million BUSD to stablecoin issuer Paxos

A giant whale withdraws 42,000 stETH from Aave V2

In addition, according to PeckShieldAlert monitoringdataAfter the liquidity pool of the stETH/ETH Curve trading pair disconnected yesterday, another massive whale withdrew 42,000 stETH (about US$50 million) from Aave V2 last night, further deepening user concerns about the continued breach of stETH.

Also, this morning, another giant whale withdrew 2,000 BTC from MakerDAO. It is not clear why.

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