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Channel 7HD opens the outdoor arena, Muay Thai, 7 colors, live, screen, no visits in the stadium.

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Channel 7HD has returned to open the outdoor boxing ring “Muay Thai 7 Colors” with measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. strictly one of the country Ready to organize a Thai boxing match to fight the COVID-19 crisis

with cooperation from the Bangkok Health Office, Chatuchak District Office and the Office of the Boxing Sports Commission Sports Authority of Thailand visit the inspection area Confirm readiness to certify intensive preventive measures Waiting for the fighters to show the style of Mae Mai Muay Thai in the program “Muay Thai 7 Colors”, return the screen to the boxing neck to follow and get excited. and has a high definition (Full HD) experience in live broadcasts This Sunday, October 3 at 2:30 p.m. on the screen on Channel 7HD, press 35, stop! Admission to “Boxing Stadium, Channel 7HD”

Meet the great Muay Thai in the open air arena The vice-major match between Pornsae Sor.Phumiphat and Mangkornthong Sitnayok Taeptapong and the boxing match “Kulabdam Sor.Jor.Piak Uthai”, the owner of the left-hand nickname of Meteorite, fights with people who don’t want people or “Seksan Aor. Kwanmuang” and other great boxing pairs, while exchanging their fists vigorously.

Mr. Piyapong Phosung, the program’s production manager, revealed that “Channel 7HD and the 7 Colors of Muay Thai Show are ready to support the sport of Muay Thai to be able to continue safely. During the Covid-19 prevention situation Therefore, adjusting the temporary format of “Boxing Stadium, Channel 7HD” to be in accordance with intensive prevention and surveillance measures against COVID-19, adjusting the format of the competition arena in the open-air area and organize competitions strictly according to the disease prevention measures prescribed by the government, such as arranging zones to divide closed areas split into proportions and screening for COVID-19 Strictly with RT-PCR examination for both boxers, referees and related officials

which is limited to 25 people before entering the field including staff working around They must also pass the ATK test and must protect themselves, wear a mask, wash their hands and spray alcohol at the touch points. They are cleaned and disinfected before and after the race. for boxers All relevant officers are disease-free and safe. for Muay Thai fans to enjoy to the fullest. We hope to be a part of driving the sport of Muay Thai forward in a new way of life safely and sustainably.”

Sports fans and Muay Thai fans don’t miss it! You can follow the live broadcast on Channel 7HD, press 35 every Sunday at 2.30 p.m. until the situation is resolved. or watch on the Ch7HD application channel or via ” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>https://www.ch7.com

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