Channel 7HD’s Change in Strategy: The Impact on Ratings and Advertising Revenue

Channel 7HD Adjusts Strategy to Counter Decreasing Ratings

In response to the declining ratings and the subsequent impact on advertising revenue, Channel 7HD has decided to revamp its broadcasting schedule for new dramas. Beginning in September, the channel will adopt a new approach by airing each drama continuously for four consecutive days every week. Viewers can expect a lineup that includes the latest Korean series, with the highly anticipated romantic drama, “The Wind Blows Through the Stars,” starring Thailand’s renowned actress Aum Patcharapa Chaichua. She will be joined by Tik Jessadaporn Phondee, who will assume a dual role as an actor and drama producer on the channel. Additionally, this marks the first collaboration between Aum and Channel 7’s leading heartthrob, Kem Hassawee Phakphongpaisarn.

While Channel 7 fans eagerly await this transformation, it seems that the drama Lom Phi Phi Phi Dao failed to generate the desired ratings, compared to Channel 3’s successful “Game of Love Betrayal.” Critics and fans are actively discussing the reasons behind the lukewarm response to “The Wind Blows Through the Stars,” despite its esteemed leading actress, Aum Patcharapa. Some attribute it to the drama falling within a light-hearted genre, initially dampening expectations. Moreover, the intense and action-packed plot of Channel 3’s “Game of Love Betrayal” captured viewers’ attention, causing them to switch channels. As fans wonder about the future of Channel 7, many express their unwavering support for Aum and her fellow colleagues, acknowledging the challenges they face.

The decision to adjust the broadcast timing, shifting evening dramas from 19:00 to 18:45, did not yield the desired results, with ratings plateauing. Even the champion of the evening dramas, which previously held the number 1 spot, lost ground to a rival channel. Despite being restructured into a four-day, one-hour time slot from 8:30-9:30 pm, the premiere drama, “The Wind Blows Through the Stars,” failed to generate significant ratings, leading to a relatively quiet response. With a modest rating of 2.3, even powerhouse Aum Patcharapa faced unexpected competition from rival channels.

Criticism has arisen not only towards the drama itself but also the actors, who had worked diligently to reach their hero status. However, the blame has shifted towards the channel’s planning, as the reduced time allocation for dramas has resulted in a dwindling viewer base. Channel 7HD, once a dominant force, now finds itself grappling with the challenge of reinventing its programming while retaining its slogan of “Complete happiness.”

As avid followers of the industry, we eagerly await Channel 7HD’s next move and hope for a resurgence in their programming choices.

It is now called people on every TV channel. Various strategies are being developed. Let’s fight in every way. To survive in the period of transition The audience has many options. causing the mainstream channel’s ratings to drop sharply which began to affect advertising trading which is the station’s main source of income

Channel 7HD has decided to adjust its strategy by changing the schedule for broadcasting new dramas in September. By showing the play continuously 4 days in a row every week. From Monday to Thursday at 8:30-9:30 pm and continues with famous Korean series from 9:30-10:30 pm, with the first drama starting with the most romantic huge drama of the year. “The Wind Blows Through the Stars” has Thailand’s leading actress “Aum Patcharapa Chaichua” playing the lead role. “Tik Jessadaporn Phondee” plays the lead role along with the role of a drama producer on Channel 7HD. For the first time, together with the main hero of the channel “Kem Hassawee Phakphongpaisarn”

Among the fans who keep an eye on this change, it seems that the drama Lom Phi Phi Phi Dao, which has shown 4 episodes, has not received great ratings, and the trend has been quiet, while that “Game of Love Betrayal” Channel 3. ” has done well.

At this time, Channel 7 fans were in a heated discussion about what happened and why the wind blowing through the stars was not as popular as they thought. is a drama that has the leading actress “Aum Patcharapa”, the leading actress of the country. But the rating has dropped completely.

For example, it’s a very light drama genre. When we first started doing it, we already knew that the ratings weren’t too high because of the drama genre, it was actually FC Sam Superstars. The story is fun and cute, P’Aum is very good, but why is the score against the fun? Or does it feel good? Meanwhile, Channel 3’s Love Game has reached the point of fighting and blood splattering. Thus making viewers switch to watch another channel. But how will we continue to follow? I’m rooting for P’Aum and all Channel 7 brothers and sisters, there’s no secret. I’ve seen when there was news that the channel was going to do it, a lot of people said it was really nothing. Although the script is fun, you can still guess who the heroine chooses. As I said in a comment asking how the wind blows across the stars is interesting. Why do you have to watch this drama? Why do you need to watch it? I did not see any answer from the followers of this drama who came to help support us watching this drama. Because of the images seen in the teaser the drama is not worth watching at all. You can see other scenes in the teaser cut, but even then, we still feel that Try to give the chance to watch the drama itself. But when I actually watched it, it was no different from what I expected when I was watching it, that it would be boring like this. And it is true. The scores are here and there is no one to blame. Blame the story Your own mood and tone. What was done was not interesting.”

and “Evening dramas that used to be on at 19.00, when they were adjusted to be on at 18.45, the ratings fell. Some things are fun. But the score didn’t go up. Until the latest The champion of the evening drama which used to be number 1 lost to Channel One for a long time, and recently after adjusting the drama after the news to be on 4 days, one hour a day, 8:30-9:30 pm, opens with a drama in good form, the wind blows through the stars, the rating is not great, the trend is quiet The latest drama rating is 2.3, from emphasize that this is Aum Patcharapa’s drama Yes, you heard it right. Aum’s drama has a rating of 2.3, losing to rival channels.

Shame on the drama, shame on the actors who diligently reached hero level The leading leading actresses were acting, but it returned to failure due to the planning of the channel, reducing the time of the drama which used to be a rice barn. My own water station is gone. Slogan: Complete happiness.”

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